Wednesday, June 08, 2005

a very important question:

what's your biggest pet peeve?

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Christi said... that Ike?

Breanna said...

it's actually not Ike, and i hadn't thought of that...looks just like him.

but seriously? what is the freaking point of sandals if you're going to wear socks?? this drives me BONKERS.

Shanna said...

I see what your saying.. I actually blogged about this myself, not to long ago.. :)

Charlotte said...

While socks with sandles is totally annoying you get used to it around these parts. My big pet peeve is the sound of bones cracking. So whether you crack your knuckles or pop your back around me, you make me want to puke.

Tim Lewis said...

Technically, popping your knucles has nothing to do with bones and there is no "cracking" happening. It is the implosion of small pockets of gas built up in joints.

PapaPeters said...

Yes and white socks and sandals are a no go unless its before mayday after may day you have to wear matching socks or is that labor day. Ow and I got massage today in iraq and it cracked every Bone or bubble in my back oh and hi brea where is james blog is he too lazy...Probably

tabitha jane said...

i learned the same thing about popping joints in massage class. it really is just built up gas in your joints being released. how cool is that!?

i think socks are ok to wear with birckenstocks . . . but tivas and the like, no way.

one of my pet peeves is the sound that people make when they rub lotion on their hands. that sick "squishy squishy" sound. seriously people, lotion can be rubbed on quietly! it is possible!

another peeve: when my housemate (aka my husband, but i'm not naming names) leaves food in attic/loft area of our place. for days. i don't go up there as often as he does (he studies up there) so i don't find his old scones and lemonade and crap for days. there is an ant problem in the neighborhood and when we moved in, there was a squirrel in the attic! and he still leaves food up there to invite them to come back!

rebecca marie said...

funny, i was just reminiscing with breanna about wearing socks with my birks. white socks, black suede birks. interestingly enough, i'm not even a lesbian.

i've been thinking for a few days about my biggest pet peeve. i think it's too fluid. hardly anything bugs me enough to call it an actual pet peeve.

i'll go with the expression itself. i don't like making pets out of my annoyances.

Charlotte said...

Okay, so the now known fact that the sound is caused by gas makes me even more grossed out and annoyed.

tabitha jane said...

i also hate people who change lanes in a traffic jam to get into the next lane because it is moving faster and then that makes the "faster" lane slow down, so they change back. i hate that.

and i hate spam in my email inbox.

Scrapping Dani said...

I hate it when my husband leaves his shoes by the front door. He has huge feet so therefore he has big shoes. I trip over them all the time.

I also hate people that eat LOUD, and drink LOUD.

PapaPeters said...

Um escuse me I eat and drink loud hello!!! haha also I like the word puss and whore said by an italian lady on sopranos. Nevermind other fun words puss puss puss

PapaPeters said...

oh actually that really reminds me of something bre just playing but you'll get this one, I hate it when people flip me off, not sure why except when its little iraqi kids who are tying to look tough then its funny

Breanna said...

Ryan Peters!!!

you know i HATE HATE HATE the P-workd, why must you litter it about my blog??? you are fiesty dear friend, SO FIESTY!

how on earth did you even remember that??

i'm kinda impressed

Breanna said...

oh fine. i typo on my own stinkin' blog.

i said workd. i meant word.


Mrs. Andrea Wood said...

My pet peeve is southerners. More specifically, Memphians. We have met some great people here but all of them moved here and intend to leave here- they are not Memphians.

* Memphians CANNOT drive (run RED lights, think that the shoulder is a lane and have NO idea what a blinker is)
* Memphians are rude (we have not been to a restaurant with good customer service since we have been here)
* Memphians think that a lawn is a parking space
* Memphians feel that they are entitled to everything and shouldn't have to work for anything

I miss the West Coast! *sigh*