Saturday, June 25, 2005

a call to readers AKA July's What's in the Brown Bag?

For those of you who LOVE LOVE LOVE to read books, as I do, I submit the following site

It's a fantastic little site called "book-a-minute" that does just what it says: it allows you to read a whole book in a minute. This is not scholarly work, it's laugh out loud hilarious. take a few minutes and check it out. you won't be disappointed.

Also. I need to know which of you are connected to me on one of the deepest levels...

who has read "Ender's Game?"

If you have not read it, please take my word for it, and go immediately to find it and read it. It is, by far, one of the top three books i've read to date. It's classified as "Sci-Fi" which i NEVER read (I don't like SCI-FI at all, i swear) but I read it at the request of a good friend, and I am hooked. There's a series of 8 if you find yourself as drawn in as I have and wish to continue, but Ender's Game is a MUST READ. I'll pay you $5.00 to read it. i really will. (well, let's have a limit. I'll pay the first 10 people to read it.and there will be a test you have to pass to prove you read it.)

which leads me to this month's WHAT'S IN THE BROWN BAG. The first person to leave a comment that proves they've read the book PRIOR TO THIS POSTING wins. I like to reward Ender fans. Please try to word it in a way that won't give anything away to my future Ender readers.

let the games begin.

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rebecca marie said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
rebecca marie said...

oh crap

that had spoilers, so i suck. that's what i get for just rambling when i'm on no sleep. you can delete it breanna, if you want to.

Breanna said...

i did delete it, but you WON! yeah!
Just couldn't leave spoilers for those who will be earning 5 bucks

Mrs. Andrea Wood said...

Did that book really win a Nebula? 'Cuz that is pretty cool if it did!

Ok... maybe it doesn't mean quite what I thought.

Breanna said...

it really did win. and nebula or not, it is (in my opinion) worth the read

James Wood said...

I wish I had a nebula, I would put a Starbucks there.

tabitha jane said...

my brother-in-law who doesn't read anything read this book and LOVED it. he is recommending it to all of his friends. if someone who hates reading loves this book, i think i shall give it a chance.

rebecca marie said...

so what'd i win?