Friday, January 26, 2007


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i morphed into an m&m!
you can too!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

snow days

we're having snow days in portland! and i'm loving it. not just because i have sufficient excuse to not go to work, but i think the snow is just gorgeous. growing up in SoCal didn't exactly provide white christmases, so this is very surreal for me.

for those of you not in portland, the video below is a little taste of what's been going on. and, don't think i'm mean or anything, but the cars sliding is kinda pretty, like if you watch it without the sound and play a lovely classical song in the's nearly choreographed. this video is all the rage on the local news stations.

added bonus? the video was taken by this guy i went to college with...we were really good friends there for awhile, then he kinda disappeared. so it's really nice to know he's doing well and still in the area. (anyone remember derek porter???)

Saturday, January 06, 2007

i can't stop

i grew up across the street from a Sonic Burger. I'd have to walk by it twice a day on my way to/from school. i've never cared too much for the food, but the drinks are UNBELIEVABLE. i miss them like crazy.

they've been playing Sonic Burger commercials in oregon for YEARS now. closest Sonic? IDAHO. it's misery. i don't remember how i found this, but i'm a little obsessed (you guys should know by now that i'm predisposed to obsession with random, seemingly boring things.) anyway- try it.