Thursday, May 25, 2006

i don't even care if i don't get any comments

it's the day i've been waiting for. today, nothing can bring me down.

the american idol 2006 is................ TAYLOR HICKS!!!
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There has never been a more deserving contestant...
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and yes, Taylor, you DO make me proud

Friday, May 19, 2006

i promise it's not some sort of hoax or set up

so, it's google, only called "blingo." don't ask me why. anyways. you use it like google, only you can win stuff. i don't know why. so, a friend of mine won a ten dollar gift certificate to iTunes, then invited me to join. so i did. and now i'm inviting you. a nice part of the deal is if i win, so do you. or something like that. whatever. just click this

in other news, watch this. because i said so.

did you catch that? nope...cause for the last 3 days that this has been up, there's been no explanation! it's a video of a store celebrating the 10,000 SHOPLIFTER. that's why it's funny. for some reason i thought it would explain that at the end...and it didn't. so it just looked like i put up a lame video for no reason. au contraire. i put up a lame video for a very good reason!

and also this:

and yes, i did JUST discover youtube for the first time. whatcha gonna do about it?

Monday, May 15, 2006


there's this all-women run company that does interior office design. they were hired by another all-chick company in NYC who gave the women free reign on every aspect of the design. Here's what they came up with for the boys watercloset in the office.

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Friday, May 12, 2006

for your happy friday viewing pleasures: the inspirational dancing comedian presents "the evolution of dance"

okay friends, i know 6 minutes is a lot to ask of our adhd nation...but PLEASE watch it through to the end. minutes 4-6 are particularly great!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

my tuesday hero

you watched it last night. i know you did.
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David Blaine, attempting to break the record for holding his breath under water, after living inside a human aquarium for over 177 hours, a world record in itself.

now, i recognize that this is inherently a silly thing to do. no one should be my tuesday hero for risking their lives unnecessarily. but have you seen David Blaine? he is to me what dave navarro is to rebecca marie, only add in some card tricks and subtract the insanely hot wife.

David Blaine is dark, he's intense. his eyes are piercing. sure, he levitates, but that's not what draws me in. it's the way he talks to people. the way he reacts when they hoop and hollar because he just pulled some amazing stunt on the side of the road...he stands calmly, looks them in the eye. and, okay, the mysterious thing is basically hot in and of itself. you look at him, watch him bury himself alive, or stand in a block of ice for days or hang a zillion feet in the air for weeks and you think...this guy's deep. he's on a higher plane of consciousness. i want to know what's in his head.
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last night was (pardon the pun) breathtaking.

177 hours under water...then he uses 150lbs of chains, from which he must free himself whilst holding his breath. the current world record: 8:58. David's goal: 9:00 minutes. and boy was i rooting for him.

i had to constantly tell myself that, just because HE was holding his breath, didn't mean i had to also.

at 7 minutes and 8 seconds, David started to black out. Divers rescued him, and out he came from the fish bowl. and yes, i cried a little. but not cause i'm psycho. let me explain.

can you imagine training as hard and as long as he did...getting his butt kicked by navy seals, practicing hours a day holding his breath...and then spending 177 hours in a tank, all in preparation for the main even....9 minutes of no breathing...just to fall short by less than two minutes, due to some unexpected complications? i can't even begin to know how dissappointing that would be. but i'm impressed. i'm in awe actually, that he pushes himself to the limits, creates new limits and pushes those too.

i don't know what he'll do next, but you can be sure i'll be there, on the edge of my couch, holding my breath, and clapping even though he can't hear me.

So, David Blaine, when you get out of the hospital and you regain sufficient strength to point and click, i want you to know that you're my tuesday hero. probably wednesday too, unless by some crazy twist of fate the chef at american idol serves voicebox killing food to all the contestants except Taylor, thus making him our much deserving american idol.
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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Sky is Falling!

all week long, i've felt this hovering sense of doom. and the world around me is validating my paranoia.

"is your purse killing you?!" what? huh? oh no! is it?

"has the bird flu finally made it's way to your town?" *takes huge gulp of air in attempt to hold breath until cure is discovered*

"bomb squad called after pizza delivery gone awry"

"gas prices expected to continue to increase over the next 800 years"

"tonight on Gilmore Girls...who gets pregnant?!"

"tonight on the Soprano's...who's gay and who's getting killed?!"

so i've been freaking out...what's going on? why is everything of utmost crisis NOW?!?! like, all in one week?!

then, as i was driving in to work this morning, my favorite morning radio show personalities were talking about all the ridiculous headlines being used for MAY SWEEPS

and i feel completely dumb. i'm a sucker. a sucker who is NOT, in fact, being killed by my purse.

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