Sunday, June 05, 2005

Foodie call?

I'll openly admit it: I am a reality tv junkie. I like to think that it's because i work in the field of psychology/sociology, and that reality tv serves as a fantastic case study on human behavior. but let's all be honest. i like reality tv because it's mindless entertainment without the guilt of jerry springer. a few of my favorites:

american idol
the apprentice
fear factor
the inferno
what not to wear

as we enter this summer season, a slew of new reality shows are emerging. i caught the first episode of "hell's kitchen" last week. it was pretty good. all the major networks are debuting their most current attempts at attracting the audiences abandoned by american idol, survivor and apprentice. but even i draw a line at some point. i just witnessed a commercial for the food network's new reality show: FOODIE CALL. this show is a combination of food exploration and dating game. please tell me you already got the word play (booty call). Really? FOODIE CALL? from the network that brings us the awesome bobby flay, the classy rachel ray (rhyme not intended) we get this pathetic show?? wow.

keep in mind that i will shamelessly watch "average joe" and "joe millionare." i wouldn't miss a moment of "america's next top model" or "my big fat obnoxious fiance" and even found myself tuning in to "surreal life." so it's not like i've got major standards here. what is television coming to?

so here's my pledge: i vow to not fall prey to FOODIE CALL. cause i ain't no holla back girl...if you know what i mean.

and you can hold me to that.

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Bill said...

My favs, in this order, are:

American Idol
Extreme Makeover Home Edition (the only show on TV that can actually bring me to tears sometimes)
While You Were Out
The Amazing Race
Fear Factor
Surreal Life

I don't think I've seen any others.

Tim Lewis said...

The Joe Schmo Show is the best reality tv show. They put one guy on there that thinks its a reality show, but everyone else is an actor. In the show they do the ridiculous things they would on any other reality show and in the end they reveal the secret. That's reality for you!

Plus it's really funny.

rebecca marie said...

oooh, i am also a big fan of joe schmo. well done, spike.

James Wood said...

I agree about the Schmo=good.

I'm impatiently waiting for the rest of reality TV to go bad, grow purple fur, be discovered in the back of the fridge, and get thrown out--tupperware and all--because it's just too gross to clean.

tabitha jane said...

mostly, when i think about reality tv, i decide that i like trading spaces and while you were out. is that reality tv even?
i dunno.

sometimes i go over to breanna's house and watch it with her and she fills me in the back story.

i liked real world paris and real world vegas. i liked the paris one because it was in europe and the vegas one because i got to watch it on german mtv in germany and read the german subtitles. that was fun.

and i liked "til death do us part" with carmen electra and dave (what's his last name). i like them as a couple MUCH better than jessica and nick. PLUS you got to watch dave (what's his last name?) get colonic water irrigation on TV!! whoo-hoo. now that's a good time!

tabitha jane said...

by "watching it" with breanna, i mean "reality tv" in general.

in case you were confused.

Breanna said...

i'm going to have to thoroughly disagree tabitha. Nick and Jessica are FAR superior to Carmen Elektra and Dave NAVARRO. end of discussion.

also...James, even though i obviously disagree with your stance on reality tv, you win the "comment of the post" award. well done.

update on new reality shows:
Strip Search
the Scholar
Hell's kitchen
Average Joe JOE'S STRIKE BACK!!!

and has anyone else seen the one on PAX called "cold turkey" where chain smokers are duped into a house under false pretense, only to find out it's a big dramatic intervention of their family and friends to get them to quit was ridiculous. at the end they could choose between having a cigarette or a wad of cash. well duh. any idiot could figure out to take the cash and buy your own freakin' cigs.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

I give you two weeks after the Foodie Call's debut and you'll be a loyal fan.

Ghost Dog said...

I don't watch much reality TV, which apparently puts me at a conversational disadvantage at work. Everyone here seems to be hooked on Survivor (I attend a meeting where the organizer actually put "Survivor Update" as a 5-minute agenda item. "Ice-breaker", I guess) and/or The Amazing Race. Guess I'll have to add those to my TiVo list. Then you have your Idol fans, and the odd few Contender junkies, as well as people into The Apprentice.

How am I supposed to watch all of that when I have NetFlix and all my sports stuff, plus Monty Python, The Hollow Men, South Park, The Simpsons, and Mail Call (R. Lee Ermey will kick your ass if you don't watch!)?? Gotta have time to spend with the wife and puppy, too.

Man, the stress of having too much TV to watch. If only DirecTV TiVos had TiVoToGo. I could watch stuff on my MAX ride to/from work.

You have a nice blog, Breanna. Thanks for visiting Gone Ronin, BTW.

rebecca marie said...

wait wait wait. have you SEEN dave navarro?

yeah, i'd watch "reality" featuring that. aaaallll day long.

tabitha jane said...

thank you rebecca marie. and i didn't say that overall carmen and dave were better than jessica and nick. that is not a value judgement that i feel i can make since i don't know them personally, i just said i like caremen and dave as a couple better and i am allowed to have my own likes and dislikes. and you are allowed to disagree with me breanna. but i am still correct in stating what i like and dislike.

and i like carmen and dave.
and dave is beautiful.
and carmen is less needy than jessica.

and i like real world vs road rules gauntlet style.

and when was the last time i actually watched tv anyway?

tabitha jane said...

nice pic by the way rebecca marie!

Rebecca said...

I'll go ahead and admit that I was drawn into the Contender. I don't know how it happened but it did.

I am also a fan of:
Big Brother
Trading Spaces
What Not To Wear
Extreme Home Makeover
Cribs (I'll admit it, too)
I also watched Ashlee's show

Many of these are more difficult to get my hands on now that I am without cable.

The one that I got the biggest kick out of lately...
Beauty and the Geek (it will be on again tonight at 8pm). I didn't think I would like it but it is funny! The geeks teach some REALLY dumb girls about things like geography and spelling and the girls taught the guys a dance routine. It was hilarious!

I have to say that I turned on Hell's Kitchen for 2 minutes and I was disgusted with the way that he was talking to the contestants and promptly changed the channel, never to be watched again (the show, not the channel).

Rebecca said...

How in the world did I forget American Idol, duh?

rebecca marie said...


oh sorry, i didn't mean to get so excited. breanna has not yet partaken, but she promised me that she'd come over and watch this summer. hooray for big brother!

(you're all invited... we can start a club)

tabitha jane said...

check this post out. ghost dog posted about a show i thought you might enjoy breanna.