Monday, October 31, 2005

Saturday Night: a reinactment

so it goes like this: I went to see my best friend's play at the ol' Cade. during intermission, i thought it would be SUPER sweet of me to go get him some flowers. so i put up the hood on my sweatshirt and set out on my covert op. i snuck into the "commons" area of campus where there were precisely 5 flowers still living. i promptly snapped one of the flowers from it's bush and headed back, quite pleased. here's what happened next, as I was walking back to the Reahearsal Hall (good ol' Vera Johnson) i noticed that the play was starting up again, so i started to, um, rush i guess. What happened next is best conveyed through poorly drawn pictures:

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From what i hear i caught some air before i FWAPPED down. They thought i had hit my head, thankfully my elbow/ribs/left knee "broke" my fall. I can't remember much of the whole thing...i remember that i couldn't breathe, i remember saying "I don't want to miss the rest of Brandon's play!" and something like "I don't think i should move from this spot until early next week." the rest is a little fuzzy.

that last pic is me, laid up on the couch with my leg elevated and all wrapped up, being iced aaaaalll day. doctor says that the bones are bruised, my ribs are pretty messed up. the color of my knee is very interesting actually...a nice shade of charcoaled blue. and i think it's tripled in size. yuck.

now i get to limp all over the place, and tell the embarrassing story to eight zillion people. has anyone else noticed that trauma seems to have it out for me this year?? oy. the upside? My other best friend (the one who's a girl) took me to Walmart for the necessary retail therapy, and i got to drive one of those electric wheelchair/cart things. I tried not to look like i was enjoying it, in case anyone should think me a faker, but deep down inside, i giggled.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Please take out your scantron and #2 Pencil

Pop Quiz: please answer one or more of the following

When was the last time you had a really detailed dream, and the next day mixed up the details of your dream with reality?

What's the most embarassing thing you ACCIDENTALLY said? (for example, the other day i was telling someone about a place called "The Triple Nickel" and called it "The Triple Nipple." yikes.)

Have you ever come out of the bathroom with
A.) toilet paper trail
B.) skirt tucked in to chones
C.) water splashed on crotch
D.) other (please specify)___________________________

Have you ever done that thing where you see someone you know and you run up to them and hug them from behind....only to discover it's NOT the person you know....? (yeah, cause i have)

You have ten minutes to complete your tests. I'll be grading on a curve.

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Monday, October 10, 2005

My Glamorous Job

Just when you thought my job was all glitz and are the top 4 things from today's actual To Do List:

1. Call Roto-Rooter to discuss the technicalities of one child's turds being so large as to completely clog the toilet all by themselves. (seriously, like twice a week)

2. Call large-turded kid's foster parent to discuss need to "fish out and break up" said turds to prevent such clogging

3. Call large-turded kid's doctor to schedule enema.

4. Go to Fred Meyer to purchase scale for another child with potty problems so that their diapers can be weighed.

That's right folks. I had to find a scale to weigh some kids poopy diapers.

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glamorous my assorous

Sunday, October 02, 2005

My newest obsession

wow you guys. I can't hardly calm down enough to tell you this.

I have found some PHENOMENAL music.

They're called "Sigur Ros" and they're from Iceland. It is some of the most beautiful and original music i've heard. i'm not even sure how i found them. they've got four albums out to date, and i read that they're getting ready to release a fifth. One album which has no name, but it titled " ( ) " is written entirely in "hopelandic," a language created by the group that has no translation. it's mesmirizing. seriously. Promise me you'll at least TRY it....they're not for everyone, but they just might be for YOU! leave me a comment and let me know what you think (also, if you already know and love them, then i totally respect you, and want to know what else you listen to...)

I've come to a conclusion.



sigur ros=icelandic


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