Wednesday, June 22, 2005


I am now a home owner!!! I'll spare you the story. here are the important details:


Until i can get pics of my new pad, you can feast your eyes on my artistic interpretation

Image hosted by

that's a cloud up there by the way. I realize it resembles a googlie ghost from "Casper" the animated series. but it's not.

Here's the same story, only natalie dee style:

Question: Who just got a fabulous house with a red door and vaulted ceilings and an island in the kitchen and hard wood floors and a real staircase and a deck and a gorgeous fireplace?

Answer: Her name is Breanna!!!!!!!!


tabitha jane said...

i must say, i've seen the house and that is quite an accurate rendition.


rebecca marie said...

YOUNG LADY!! you go back inside that house and don't come back out until you have a shirt on.

i'll deal with ben later.

Breanna said...

Why Why Why are you the awesomest at comments rm? how DO you do it?


i'm laughing hysterically right now
right in the middle of my office.

Shanna said...

CONGRATS! I am so happy for you.. i know how much you have been wanting a house ... YAY YOU!

James Wood said...


tabitha jane said...

heh. james said woot.

why haven't you listened to rm and gone and gotten dressed?

and why are you letting ben stand outside naked for all to see his matt damonness in all of its glory?

Scrapping Dani said...

Way to go Breanna.

It is great huh? Gabe and I will be in our new digs in March 2006. The house we are moving into has to be built first. Please post pictures soon girl.

Mrs. Andrea Wood said...

How very exciting! I must say, I am extremely jealous. Would you hate me if in many years from now when we actually get a house, I have a red door too?

Breanna said...

Everyone may have a red door. i think it's one of lifes little pleasures.

Charlotte said...

Congrats! I can't wait to see it. It appears to be so charming. And, I think it would be a great intro to your neighbors to take topless pics like in your artist's rendition.

Bill said...

I have a thing against red doors, but for kind of a strange reason.

See, my old boss Ted* constantly drove home the fact that when he remodeled his West Hills house, the finishing touch was a really expensive red front door. No kidding at all, he actually had a photo of the front of his house, featuring the red door, pinned to the picture board at his desk, right next to the pictures of his kids.

* Not his real name

PapaPeters said...

I LOVE RED DOOR and bitter you have one first. I love the couple on Burnside that are spottlighted so at night the house is all dark and spookey but the red door looks like its glowing. Congrats, a house in America is a piece of heaven.

Breanna said...

Everyone's allowed to have their weird peeves Bill. No judgements here. how about this: whenever we invite you and the fam over, we'll cover the door with wrapping those cheesy office competitions during the holidays. that way you won't have to experience PTSD from the moment you walk in!

Ryan-we're looking forward to having you over for dinner and such.

and charlotte: i've learned my attention seeking skills from the! (kidding)

J. Kevin Parker said...

Congrats. Having a home is such a blessing. Selling a house you have owned but that has been unoccupied for 7 months is priceless. (Yeah, so, we finally sold our house on 85th there in Portland. We are thankful for our wonderful real estate agent, Ella C.)

Ghost Dog said...

Congrats. You'll be thanking yourself and praising your judgment again come tax time. :)