Thursday, August 31, 2006

major shout out to my mom

i'd like to dedicate this blog entry to my wonderful mother who, despite forgetting my birthday altogether, bought me a new laptop as a belated birthday/anniversary gift!!!!!!!

it's so wonderful. it has an enter key and EVERYTHING. how great is that? and it has over twice the amount of memory that the other one has. and it doesn't make the lawnmower noises like the other one, or beep for the first two minutes it's turned on. AND, and doesn't have to be plugged into the wall in order to work.

basically, it is awesome. really really awesome. like really. i mean it.


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(i promise i'm not so full of myself as to thank my mom and then post a picture that's mostly of's just that it's the only one i have on the computer of understand, right? which reminds me...wasn't the long hair WONDERFUL?!?! i want it back)

and a minor shout out to those incredible treadmill music video that's talent.
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Saturday, August 26, 2006

congratulations breanna!

turns out today was a great day for me.

not only did cable television find it's way back into my house, but i'm going to have a baby.

not that i'm pregnant. oh no. but lucky me got the one cable guy who's also a psychic, a medium, an aura reader, a tarrot card reader and a reiki master.

seriously. so as he's installing my cable...he also gave me a "reading"

the following are direct exerpts from my hour with the cable/psychic/meduim/you get the idea:

him: do you have any kids?
me: no
him: well you will. soon
me: really?
him: yes, it's a girl. she's waiting for you
me: interesting. that will come as a surprise to all of us
him: within four months you'll be pregnant. so start getting ready
me to myself: better double check that my birth control pills are in adequate supply

him: i just have one thing to say, you'll know exactly what it means
me: okay.
him: your aunt is always with you. she wants you to know that.
me: she does? wierd.
him: she's here, with us now.
me: that's creepy, cause the only aunt i have is married to my uncle and living in northern california. i mean, i guess i could have another aunt i'm not aware of, since i don't know my dad at all.
him: yes. that's it. it's on your dad's side of the family.
me: how would she know she was my aunt if i don't even know who my dad is?
him: look, i'm working my "other job" right now, so i can't give you all the information. but i'll leave my number with you and we can do a full reading. i'll let your aunt come through and she'll explain everything. i charge forty dollars per half hour.
me: oh, okay.
him: you wouldn't believe how many people are here in the room with us. i'm, like, trying to work here, and they just keep talking to me, telling me things to tell you and i'm like, hey! shut up for awhile!
me: that must be very frustrating.
him: yeah. i'm used to it though. there's eight of them who go around with me everywhere.

him: i read auras too you know
me: oh yeah?
him: you're all green.
me: i am? good green or like, stomache acid green?
him: good green. it means you're all heart.
me: oh good. that's the better option.
him: yeah. when i look at you, all i see is a big green grape.
me to myself: could you just please leave now? i don't feel comfortable anymore.

he then told me about all his ex-girlfriends and wife. all of them virgos. he said he falls for virgos all the time, but always crashes hard.

he also told me that he breezed through the requirements to be a reiki master. he heals people's bruises, and injuries from past lives. he said he hopes to come back next time as an eagle. or a flamingo.

these kinds of things went on for about an hour.

before he left, cable properly installed, he made sure to turn my television to the sci-fi channel. big effing surprise.

so, you can all get started on baby gifts. if i get pregnant in four months that makes it December, i'll find out around February and and be due sometime around next September. someone needs to start planning a HUGE party...and remember, it can be all pink, cause it's a girl.

(someone else needs to remind me to refill the BC prescription. pretty please)

now...onto the cable. anyone up for a little "baby story" on TLC?

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Monday, August 21, 2006

I have wonderful news

countdown to the fabulous world of cable television returning to my house:

5 days!!!

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

catching some zzzz's

i hadn't had a day off in the last 12 days, so last night around 9:30 when i was finally done working and knew i had today off, i decided to have a few beers with my favorite coworker.

(side note: "few" equals seven)

when i got home around 12:15am i figured, hey, i've got the day off...i'll turn off everything that makes noise, and sleep until i wake up.

and i did. boy did i.

any guesses as to what time this little lady woke up? are you sitting down?


i kid you not.

it was amazing. now i've just spent the rest of the day doing basically nothing. i love it. i definately couldn't do it all the time, but it's just what i needed today.

also? the new will farrell flick "taladega nights" is funny. real funny.

and, just for fun, here are some pictures of my husband's side of the family. that's right...i married into a 100% gorgeous family. every one of 'em. good lookin'. which is why i've started weight watchers. but that story is for another day.

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(that's the husband's mom, sister and her baby and youngest brother)

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(husband's sister julie and her gorgeous baby Norah Kate)

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Dear Husband,

if you really REALLY love'll give me this:

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p.s: (in the style of RM)
the above demand is comprised of empty hope, as A: my husband does not read this blog and B: he does really love me...but does not so much love the idea of a puppy. you may commence feeling very sorry for me