Tuesday, September 30, 2008

i'm registered...how about you?


also, stayed tune for an exciting (for me) announcement thursday!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

a new season

as i write this there is stuffed acorn squash baking in my oven, the dishwasher is running, every article of clothing not currently being worn by someone in my house is clean and i'm using a cozy snuggling blanket. i am SO ready for fall.

i, like many others, find myself making resolutions and new goals when the seasons change. i feel the most motivated and resourceful at the start of fall. i love transitioning into warm sweaters and coats, putting boots with my skirts instead of peep toe wedges. i love using the fire place and offering guests hot cocoa with marshmallows. i LOVE fall.

i'm also feeling better in general. presently, kaia's on a pretty regular sleep/nap schedule, which is the greatest thing ever. i'm doing a better job of keeping the house clean and tidy, and cooking meals for our family which we enjoy. i'm feeling more plugged in at church (although nowhere near where i'd like to be) and have some potentially awesome opportunities just ahead. (and, let's be honest here, i finally spoke to my dr about anti depressants again, which are starting to make a difference in my mood and thinking.)

i sure don't have it all figured out. i still don't know when i want to go back to school, or even what i want to go back for. i used to have such a clear cut plan for everything. now i'm almost completely unsure of what my life will look like 5 years from now. i just don't know that i want to do what i've always planned on doing. i'm not going to be shocked if i go an entirely different direction. the hardest part is that i can't figure out how to figure it out.

here's what i've resolved/decided for the short term:
1. i'm going to get out and run again. it's been 2 months since i did the Run Like a Girl 10k, and i haven't run once since that day. so i'm working towards a much more reasonable 5k mid october
2. i'm going to blog more. and i say that realizing that almost no one reads my blog. i'm okay with that (i think). but i really enjoy writing and i'd like to work on my writing skills. i'd like to eventually write articles for websites and blogs relevent to me. my husband thinks i'll write books someday. that's harder to picture.
3. i finally took a step toward my ultimate dream. i auditioned for the worship team at church. i have no idea what will come of it or when, but i'm excited. our church is certainly anointed with a strong worship ministry, and i'd love to be a part of it in any way i can. i should find out the results within a few weeks.
4. this is a small one: there's a group of bloggers who do "wordless wednesday" posts that only have a title and a photo or two. i've really enjoyed seeing other people's wordless posts. so i'm going to join in and start wordless wednesdays.

are you feeling it too? have you been cooking up goals and renewed energy? what are you working on lately?

Monday, September 15, 2008

365 days of change

my little sweet turned one yesterday! all of last week was an emotional rollercoaster and i was a bit worried i'd be a heap of tears yesterday. thankfully, and possibly because i was so busy with party details, the day went superbly with almost no tears or sadness whatsoever on my part. we had so much fun, and kaia was a lovely party girl, showing off her tricks to all the guests.

here's what i get to see every morning, afternoon and night:

not too terrible huh?

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

in no way posed

in many ways applicable