Tuesday, January 24, 2006

tea and sympathy

i have quite a story to share. but i only get about three minutes in between fits of violent coughing. so i'm saving the story and giving some short quips. sorry i've been gone so long...the four of you that occassionally read my blog must be devastated :)

when american idol started again last week, i felt complete. not like, "oh, this is nice." like, "stella-got-her-groove-back/you-had-me-at-hello/i'm-just-a-girl-standing-in-front-of-a-boy-asking-him-to-love-her" complete.

two weeks ago my boss resigned, and it felt like my work parents were getting divorced...like "oh no! what if mom starts dating again and i don't like the new guy and he comes in and lays down a bunch of rules that dad would never have made?!?! what if we lose all our privelages?!?!" like that. has this happened to anyone else?

anybody seen The Fantastiks? i did that show in high school and last week my best friend got me tickets to see it at portland center stage (who i used to work for) and it was AWESOME. seriously....next to Les Mis it's the best musical of all time. ALL TIME

i'm finally going to do it. two applications will be sent off in the near future: grad school and a demo cd for this national singing competition (NOT A.I). can't live the rest of my life wondering

i'm getting a new car this summer. i'm really thinking about a jetta. anybody have a better idea or any reasons why a jetta isn't as great as i think it is?

being sick for so long has given me the chanceto learn a lot about daytime television. i've decided that, should the oppotunity arise, i will gladly accept the offer to have my own NON crappy television show. i haven't decided if it would be a talk show or a game show or a sit com, but it wouldn't suck, and that's the important part.

i hate the word gyrate. not like i hate the P word, but hate just the same

i miss my long hair

have i told you about my addiction to q-tips? the story goes like this. in third grade i rode the bus with a chick named sonnet. she NEVER used a q-tip in her life. i PROMISE. and it was gross. so one day i put some q-tips in a ziplock and snuck them into her backpack. since then i q at least twice a day. i'm pretty sure it's not safe. and the more i type, the more i feel like i've told you this before. oh well. i'm not deleting it. oh, and in 10th grade i did the same thing to this girl with a tube of aquafresh.

i have no appetite. i haven't eaten real food in nearly 6 days...just about a cup of applesauce everyday is all i can handle. but for some reason, i'm completely addicted to the food network right now...watching chefs make these fabulous meals while i sip gatorade to prevent dehydration...last night rachel ray made the most delicious looking pasta dish that i couldn't even eat my daily dose of applesauce. damn you rachel ray and your brocolettini.

alright...the cough syrup is wearing off. you know what that means. but our computer is finally working again at home, so at least i have something to do now. PLEASE EVERYONE...TAKE SOME ECCINACEA...I LOVE YOU ALL TOO MUCH TO LET ANY OF YOU GET THIS FREAKIN' SICK!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Response Required

i'm sick (again) so i've decided you should entertain me. you may select from the following options:

a. your favorite joke
b. the worst gift you've ever received
c. the weirdest superstition you follow
d. your favorite book that i ought to read while stuck in my bed (please, no sci fi or romance novels)


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