Saturday, December 29, 2007

Thursday, December 27, 2007

done and done

i'm quite impressed with blogger's new template customizing options. i'm guessing they're not really very new anymore...i guess i've just been too busy producing life over the last year to take notice.

a few things about the remodel:
  • i realize it makes it seem like you're getting glimpses of a baby named grace. it is her middle name, but this is not an "all about baby" blog. as you'll kindly recall, the blog and its title were here long before she was.
  • i also realize that i've use the same basic template as our dear rebeccamarie. i also recall that one time when i was accused of idolizing her and trying to become her, which resulted in my shutting the blog down for a period of time. so, if "anonymous" is still lurking around, i have this to say: yes, i do adore her. and yes, i made a conscious decision to use this blog template, but that was because a black background best complimented the baby picture i wanted to use, and this was the only template with a black background. also, i'm embarrassed to admit i still remember that stupid anonymous comment and that it still whispers in my head when i blog. booo! i should've recovered from that by now.
  • i finally figured out (i feel so stupid to have taken this long) how to resize a picture right in the post, instead of trying to resize the original in photobucket until it's the right size. sure would've been great if i'da known that a long time ago!
  • i'm actually pleased with the blog at the moment. not that i even post much, although i feel like i'd like to get back to it, if only for my own enjoyment. i know the picture of kaia is kinda distorted, but i just love that picture, and was trying to make it a good size to be a header. i mean, it took me this long to figure out how to size post expect me to make phenomenal headers anytime before 2010??
  • the thing at the very bottom of the blog is quite nice. it's be quite nicer if my husband actually ever looked at my blog even once to see it there. oh well. maybe one of you will casually mention how romantic and sweet i am to him sometime?

i guess that's about it. i've got some other updates, but this is already a long/boringish post, so i'll hold off for a bit.

oh, one last thing...i finally got hooked up with feedblitz (thanks rlew!) and am thrilled to be reading all of your blogs (all of the "you" that i know about anyhow) again regularly...only thing is it takes loads of extra steps (as far as i can tell) to comment, so that's my new year's resolution. to take some time to comment and let you know i'm reading and i care. awwww! look at me being sweet and thoughtful again!

cheers! and a pic for good measure (and practice in easy sizing!)


Tuesday, December 25, 2007

please pardon the dust

i'm working on making some changes to the blog, but it's happening bit by bit. so please be understanding of broken picture tags, missing links and such...i thought i knew what i was doing...well i was wrong. happens you know?

also, merry christmas. mine has been dreadful, but that's of no importance at this point...may your days be merry and bright! here's a little christmas family photo to tide you over for awhile. thanks for stopping by!