Monday, February 27, 2006

Stools are where once upon a time you'd find a chair. A chair's for fools, everybody wants stools...

45 miles

two hours

six various icky thrift stores

and i still haven't found a stool for my new office

(why a stool you ask? "Because it discourages people from chatting too long" says the new boss. hrmph.)

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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

guess what i'm excited about now?!?

well i'll tell you!

this saturday, february 25, is national "day of dance!"(created by hospitals all over the country will be participating in this fabulous event to promote heart health by hosting day long, dance oriented activities. my local event will feature hawaiian, irish, scottish, belly and ballroom dancing lessons, performances by local bands, and a general "get down!" time! we'll also be able to participate in lots of health screening and educational stuff too, if we can tear ourselves away from the dance floor!

so who's coming with me? it's free, fun and for everyone's benefit! i'm registering soon (duh, it's in 3 days!) so RSVP and you can come too! for those of you who aren't my neighbors...find out where you're local day of dance is...and then go!

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Friday, February 17, 2006

"learn how to smile again"

that's what the lady on tv is telling me to do.

so, randomly i've got the day off. quite thrilling really. i planned to sleep waaaaayyy in, but woke up at 9, which is NOT sleeping in for me. drats. now i'm curled up on the couch under a lovely blanket, watching ridiculous television and enjoying the fire place. There's crazy wind outside, knocking over our outdoor furniture. flashbacks to wizard of oz.

alright. so for those of you who are watching American Idol faithfully, let's start our discussions about who will/should make it to the top 10, and who should win. i'm mildly embarrassed to report that not only do i LOVE watching american idol, i have, for the last two seasons, created a bracket for the competitors. yes, A BRACKET, the kind boys do for sports. I haven't been able to convince anyone else to join in the idol brackets, but i'm quite sure it will catch on soon enough.

so here's how i see it. there is no one on this season that comes close to being as talented as PARIS. she is phenomenal. i love her. i'm voting for her all the way. I also adore taylor the grey haired guy. i think he's fabulous and incredibly entertaining. it's nice to see some real people on this season. if another blonde bopper wins this season, i'm going to do somethind drastic. i haven't even bothered to learn other people's names. there are others that i like, but who even cares when i've got Paris and Taylor.

thoughts? other favorites? am i the only blogger watching? speak up friends.

for those of you who don't love/watch american idol, here's a little something for you. go to this site and watch the video. it's some good friends of mine, and i think it's great. very "waiting for guffman/best in show/the office" i think you'll like it.

our voices count. voting starts this week

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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

just another inValid

Couple a weeks ago i was digging through the cheap dvd bin...the one that's nearly as tall as i am, and filled mostly with movies like The Animated Matrix and the Left Behind Series. i was about to give up the search when familiar green letters caught my eye....about 2/3 of the way down was a movie i'd seen a million times in high school. a movie i LOVED

my best friend was with me, and if ever there was someone who could skillfully maneuver through four feet of mediocre dvd''s totally her.

two and a half minutes later i had it in my hot little hands

that's right my friends...GATTACA

there's something you should know about me...i have a great memory for all kinds of things...but movie details leave me the minute the film is over. i can generally recall if i liked the movie or not...other than that, well, i just don't know.

which is actually kind of a nice quirk if you think about it. i really get more for my money when i buy's like the FIRST time EVERY time!

so, have you seen this film? i'd totally recommend it. i'm not a fan of ethan hawk or uma thurman or jude law...but somehow the combination of the three is how when you read the ingredients of thousand island dressing it sounds all icky, but then you smear it on your salad and YUM! it's like that. you're welcome to borrow mine.

movie that is...i'm keeping the dressing for myself

anyways, i had a point to make. so in this movie, you've got your genetically engineered perfect people (the valids) and the people that are born the good ol' fashioned way (ask your dad...he'll explain it). those guys are called in-valids. and basically the in-valids can't get jobs, cause they're considered to be all defective.

i'm not going to give you all the details (mostly cause i can't remember them, even though i just watched it again two days ago). throughout the movie, the big boss dudes do all this genetic testing to make sure that no in-valids are posing as valids...and of couse one guy is. so this guy has to go through all kinds of stuff to not get discovered...he's gotta get rid of anything containing his dna.

so ever since i rediscovered the movie, i'm uber paranoid about leaving behind dna evidence. like if a genie offered me anything i wanted right now, i'd TOTALLY choose one of those air squirter things that cleans between the letters in the keyboard. that would be awesome.

i think i wiped off my computer screen six times today. and don't get me started on the lint brush

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on a completely unrelated note...if you have any taste in music at all, you'll be interested to know that the new Jack Johnson cd (which is the original soundtrack for the upcoming Curious George movie.....SO ADORABLE) was released today, and is only ten bucks at Target. go now....quickly.

you're welcome