Thursday, August 28, 2008

a little hope

first, let's remind ourselves about how breanna is NOT deep into politics, not politically saavy, not highly educated in politics. i'm still a young'un about all this. and this is my blog, where i say what i'm thinking presently. and i may change my mind. and i may be wrong. and all of that is fine. and i'm perfectly comfortable for you to disagree with me, and to do so in a comment even. but please, be kind about it. people sure are getting heated lately, and i can see why. but not here, okay?

i'm watching parts of the democratic convention. i've never seen a convention before, and you can be sure i'll watch parts of the republican convention next week too. i've also been listening to radio shows discussing all this, and more from a republican point of view. so i've heard a lot of the concerns about obama. i don't understand what they all mean. the one i'm hearing the most is "lack of experience."

as i'm watching this convention, i'm just thinking through that. here's what i know: for the last eight years, something hasn't been working right. things are never perfect, of course, but this? yikes. i think change is a great idea. and this big concern about's just that, experience has been in the white house for a long time...but for the first time in what seems (to me) like a long time, HOPE has a chance of moving in.

and maybe, maybe it's okay for experience to not be at the forefront for a little bit...maybe our country DESPERATELY NEEDS HOPE at this point. maybe we do need to just FEEL like things are getting better, like it's going to be okay. maybe a sense of hope in each of us would make a much bigger difference in our country than many would admit. we've got loads of experience in the system of check and balances...experience in the vp candidate....but when have we had a candidate who can speak hope and optimism into our lives, into the heartbeat of the country itself?

i know, feelings and sentiments do not run a country....we can't make such big decisions based on emotions. but i think it counts for a whole lot of something. i'm still learning, practically ignorant i'm sure. but when i think about someone leading any group of people, when i think about my teachers and coaches and bosses, one of the most profound and effective traits of the successful ones was their ability to empower me, to believe in myself, to communicate their vision for me and their confidence in my ability to do it. sure, they also had to resolve conflicts, manage budgets, attend meetings. but those who were most effective were the ones who could get me on board through inspiration.

i guess i'm just a bit bored with those who oppose obama acting as if his oustanding oratory (oration? orating?) skills are unimportant, or should count against him. i sincerely don't think it's smoke and mirrors. i think there's more than hype when a crowd of gazillions...from all backgrounds, shouts in unison "YES WE CAN!" there's something deep and powerful there.

again, please feel free to share your thoughts, and even to say i don't have a clue what i'm talking about...just do it respectfully, and preferably with wit.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

let's be clear

i did not find this on my own accord. i found it whilst blurking (which is lot of fun, if you don't mind a potty mouth).

today she gave us lots of links, and i'm bored, so i was parusing. i was definitely captivated by this: and so, because you're all so lovely and grande, i just knew i should share it.

whaddya think? is it as awesome to you as it is to me? i'm seriously impressed.