Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Dear Husband,

if you really REALLY love me...you'll give me this:

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p.s: (in the style of RM)
the above demand is comprised of empty hope, as A: my husband does not read this blog and B: he does really love me...but does not so much love the idea of a puppy. you may commence feeling very sorry for me


rebecca marie said...

pets only cause major heartbreak.

major heartbreak and carpet stains.

Sarah said...

Also they poop on your floors and throw up in your vehicle when they get car sick.

But, if you want to borrow my technique on how break your husband into getting you a puppy, read my blog... it's a few posts down, the one with the cute puppy picture.

It worked! :)

LoriLoo310 said...

I tried for a long time to convince BSC to get me a dog.

I failed.

He's giving me a son instead.

rebecca marie said...

kids are easier. way. i'm not even kidding. i've had both, and i'd take TWINS over a puppy.

breanna - want a kid? i've got a spare.... (i'd have to flip a coin though, i'm attached to both)

Sarah said...

TWINS over a puppy, rebecca marie?? You speak with such firm conviction! So if I have all 3 (twins and a puppy) does that mean I'm Super Woman of the World?


rebecca marie said...

yes. of the world.

Breanna said...

well, then i'm stuck, ain't i?

but i'd be happy to do some sort of exchange program...you can take care of my....um....plants? and i'll love and cherish your kids. for free even.

Just me said...

pet rocks are "interesting"...
cheap...don't eat much...you can change their toe nail polish with out them squirming...they're useful (paper weight, hammer substitute, etc.)however, there's no substitute for the unconditional love of a puppy. But remember they do grow up to be dogs.