Thursday, August 31, 2006

major shout out to my mom

i'd like to dedicate this blog entry to my wonderful mother who, despite forgetting my birthday altogether, bought me a new laptop as a belated birthday/anniversary gift!!!!!!!

it's so wonderful. it has an enter key and EVERYTHING. how great is that? and it has over twice the amount of memory that the other one has. and it doesn't make the lawnmower noises like the other one, or beep for the first two minutes it's turned on. AND, and doesn't have to be plugged into the wall in order to work.

basically, it is awesome. really really awesome. like really. i mean it.


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(i promise i'm not so full of myself as to thank my mom and then post a picture that's mostly of's just that it's the only one i have on the computer of understand, right? which reminds me...wasn't the long hair WONDERFUL?!?! i want it back)

and a minor shout out to those incredible treadmill music video that's talent.
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rebecca marie said...

awesome. i'm next. tell your mom.

Just me said...

Just to set the record straight...
I did NOT forget your birthday, I called you and told you your gift would be delayed. Please tell the world this is true!!! I Love you precious one!!! Mom

Breanna said...

mom- you're totally right. i used "artistic liberty" to alter some details to make it more dramatic. you're a wonderful mom and you did NOT forget my birthday.

love you! i was beginning to wonder if you were going to read my blogs or not! you did and hooray!!!

Just me said...

Oh, I've definitely been reading I just realyzed that I should add my side of the story a bit. Didn't want the whole world to think I was a putz! I love being able to feel like I'm still able to be an ongoing part of your life even from afar. I miss being close to you physically!!! cyber hugs & kisses to you!!! Mom