Monday, July 31, 2006

worth a thousand words

first things first: i love photography. i'm not one for paintings at all, but i LOVE photography. that being said, click this lovely built-in link
to see nbc's year in pictures 2005. there's some very moving stuff in there.

secondly. i am such a grown up. wanna know why? cause i planted a tree in my backyard this weekend. that's right. planted my very own tree. went to the store, picked one out, asked questions about caring for it, took it home. dug a hole. planted it.

(side note: by "dug a hole" i mean "attempted to dig a hole. gave up after about 10 minutes, begged husband to finish said "hole" and not laugh too hard at me for making a big fuss over how i could dig the hole myself")

and, know what else? we built a fountain. yep. a fountain. in our backyard. see, the lady that owned the house first, she loved gardening. apparently she knew the secret of how to keep stuff alive. so she had these big wine barrel planters all filled with stuff that lived. until we moved in. then it died. so for a year we've had these big boring dirt filled wine barrels in the backyard, just being all ugly and doing nothing.

well, remember that part about going to the tree store? they had our VERY SAME wine barrels, only all lovely with water flowing and stuff living. so we did it. we built a fountain. and bought LIVING things to put inside. the guy promised me that the things would keep living...because i don't have to remember to water them...cause they're IN water ALL THE TIME. it's basically the awesomest thing that ever did happen. i even woke up EARLY this morning to make my husband breakfast to thank him for all the hard work, then had coffee out by the fountain, just staring at it being all impressed with my grown-upedness.

it kinda looks something like this:
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only with three, and to be so honest, mine looks like a gazillion times better.

$2 to the cool kid who comes to take a digital photo so i can brag even more about it on my blog. make that $3. it's worth it. and i'll let you have some lemonade and look at the fountain for awhile. that's practically priceless.

admit it, you basically all want to be me. cause i'm such a grown up.


rebecca marie said...

no way man, i've won your prized before. i've never gotten the "prize."

(buuuuuuurn... those quotes imply there was no actual prize... ha ha ha. i got you soooo bad.)

rebecca marie said...

also, before you make fun of me back, i already saw my typo.

so there.

(word verif. pijgjg, and all i see is pigjig. as in, i'm so darn full and happy i'm going to do the pigjig which is comprised of taking a nap)

Sarah said...

purty! I'd come, except, $2 would hardly cover airfare and other expenses. :)

LoriLoo310 said...

Oh how fun! Now will you come to Utah and build a fountain in my backyard too?

BSC said...

Hmmm...trees and water fanciness in the're essentially a mighty suburbanite, just like moi.