Monday, July 17, 2006

coming soon to dvd

my new favorite thing is buying tv shows on dvd by the season

it started harmlessly enough...a friend got me the first three seasons of family guy for christmas. it was fun to watch show after show after show... then i started to branch out... i purchased all the seasons of the Newlyweds (no kidding), then i found the simple life in the cheap dvd bin at walmart. then it kinda started to spiral.

big brother season 3 (the only one on dvd, otherwise i'd have them all)
american idol seasons 1-4, the best and worst of
gilmore girls seasons 1-5 (thanks to r.lew who got me hooked)
veronica mars season 1
grey's anatomy, season 1

and you wouldn't believe my wish list at amazon...or the fact that i've got the release dates of all the upcoming releases written in BOLD into my day planner.

it doesn't help that we've cancelled the cable for the summer (oh miserable death...i'm missing SO MUCH...)

i saw the new "pirates" movie on saturday. in general, i'm terrible at being a critical viewer...i basically take things as they come, never try to guess the endings. i'm never the one to see when things don't match up. it would take quite a lot for me to dislike a movie for any real reason.

anyways. i saw pirates 2. and here's the thing. i didn't really like it. i know it's supposed to be the big movie blockbuster...and everyone's supposed to love it, and ooh jonny dep (to which i say eww)...but i thought it was gross. and too loud. and lacking in something, although i can't pinpoint what.

please don't harass me. i don't want this to be ostracized like i was when i announced that i hate "amazing grace." maybe i should take some sort of class about how to view movies more analytically. or critically. or whatever it is that makes me sound smarter about movies than i currently do. any tips?

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Ty said...

I'd much rather watch a series than several movies. I like being able to quit watching after an hour or getting to watch for several hours.

Actually, I think that you explained why you don't like Pirates quite adequately: you aren't into Depp, it was gross (unrefined and vulgar at times in its portreyal of blood, guts, slimy animals etc.), there was too much noise, and it didn't have that "somthin'" that makes a movie more than just another movie. I liked it, but you totally have good reasons for not liking it.

Paula said...

We had to cut ourselves off from buying TV on DVD for awhile. We've been through the first 2 seasons of Arrested Development, the first 4 seasons of 24, and the first season of Lost. We try to not watch TV during the week at our house (just because we're too stinkin' busy!) but having a TV series going made it really hard to not find an excuse to watch an episode... or 2. So, the Pritchards are taking a break for awhile... but our next purchace wil definitely be season 3 of Arrested Development. So funny.

James Wood said...

I'm all about putting the TV shows on Netflix. Most series don't really justify a purchase in my book - but I do love watching TV shows on DVD.

Sarah said...

We used to do the Netflix thing too but you know... instant gratification kinda caught up with us, so now what we do is go ahead and buy the season if we're that desperate to watch it right then... treat the entire thing with kid gloves... and then turn right around and sell it on Ebay when done.

So far that strategy has worked out good!

rebecca marie said...

i'm a netflixer... it's ruined me for television. if i hear that something is good, on the queue it goes.

i'm with you on the whole pirates thing. i didn't like the first one, not gonna bother with the second one. johnny is just skeazy.

that's not to say i haven't really liked him in other things, like benny and joon, edward scissor hands, totally odd ball roles. his pirate thing just doesn't do it for me.

LoriLoo310 said...

Yep, everyone just raved about the first Pirates movie. I just wasn't a big fan, so I don't plan to see the second one. I dunno, maybe I don't have a good analytical eye for cinema either.

tabitha jane said...

johnny's character was more of an airhead and less street-wise (or should i say "sea wise"?) than in the first movie.

that part was sort of dissapointing.