Monday, July 10, 2006

i'm not original

at least not today

i saw this on my FAVORITE guilty pleasure website. and i laughed so hard. and i like laughing. so i figured you probably like laughing too. and considering the fun chat going on at rebecca marie's blog, i figured this was right on time. and that's why i bring you the following video:

can anyone translate the song? i'm dying to sing it during my next WC soiree. also...what's the yellow handle thing at the end???

happy monday to one and all!!


rebecca marie said...

i have NEVER seen a video spread like this... i saw it on the daily ten on E, web junk 20 on vh1, you tube, and steven posted it in my blog comments.

it's an epidemic.

Breanna said...

BUMMER. there i go thinking that just because i've seen it doesn't mean other people have...but nope. i'm the last one to know.

rebecca marie said...

this is not a bummer! this is proof of it's status of epidemic!!

James Wood said...

Um, animated poo is wrong.

That is all.

LoriLoo310 said...

Animated poo is hilarious!

Bathroom humor is my weakness.

Mrs. Andrea Wood said...

There at the end- Is he saying that he went #2?

And I think the handle is so that the little kid doesn't fall in.

Whatever it is- it was funny!

Jason Hill said...

The yellow handle is totally so you can get a good grunt on while working the big one.

Tee said...

All I have to say is that all these people come to the US and say they learned English by watching TV. If I watched this for the rest of my life I wouldn't speak Japanese.

I think my favorite part was when the "dad" was wiping his sons arse!