Tuesday, August 28, 2007

my dream nursery

here it is folks! it's been months in the making, and turned out better than i even imagined! just wanted to share it with you.

it's even greater in person...just another reason for you to come visit me and the baby (whenever she chooses to make her entrance!)

so, the ALMOST before pictures (i completely forgot to take pics before we started...technically, the room started out VERY red...this was just after painting the base color, and the first few hours of the detailed painting...)

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and after....
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the pictures turned out much better at night, but during the day it's so beautiful with the curtains pulled, looking like three windows out to the castle courtyard
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this part took SO long
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the changing table/dresser is hiding in the closet...the room is just too small for very much furniture
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the only thing left to be done is to decide where i want the letters and tiaras to go...ideas?
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hooray! now our little princess will have a place to dream and imagine and play dress up! i'm basically jealous! it really makes the rest of our house look SO lame and boring! i just love sitting in this room and listening to the lullaby playlist i've put on my ipod (did you see the pink ipod speakers i got for the nursery?! so cute!)

i told the mister that if they were wrong and this baby comes out a BOY, well he's just going to have to be a prince or a knight in shinning armour or something, cause i'm NOT giving up this room!!!


LoriLoo310 said...

Wow! Did you do the painting? I am so impressed. Can I have that room for myself?

About the letters - maybe you should hang them above her crib with the tiaras above the letters. You'll have to cut off the back part of them so they will hang right, but it would look super cute if it appeared that the letters were "wearing" the tiaras.

Rebecca said...

It looks so good Breanna! I'm glad you got the ceiling done. It looks fantastic!!!!

Breanna said...

i'll not take credit for anything except the ideas...i'm super lucky that one of the foster parents i work with used to work as an artist for disney and did all the painting. he's brilliant really.

and loriloo? if it means you and the mister and the young'n will move over here, then YES, you can have the room. i'm willing to sacrifice for the greater good!

Paula said...

It looks amazing, friend! I can't wait to come and see it in person! But mostly, I'm excited to see you and meet your little girl! Not sure when exacly, but we want to come visit soon.

Gina said...

That is quite possibly the most amazingly awesome nursery I have ever seen! What a lucky little girl!

Ab & Brandi said...

That room is AMAZING!! Your little girl is going to be such a princess. I love it!! One of the best ideas for a room i've ever seen!