Tuesday, August 21, 2007

cause just being this pregnant wasn't tough enough...

is there such a thing as bad luck? horrible karma? call it what you will, i seem to have it!

yesterday, i went to meet the mister for lunch near his new (and GORGEOUS) downtown office. he works right next to my all time favorite place in portland, so i just love going to meet him during the day when i can.
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after a lovely lunch and walk/waddle around the city blocks, i started heading back towards home to meet a friend for coffee.

it was rainy and gloomy. i'm not making that part up. so it's raining, there's some huge accident on another freeway which is now shut down, so at 1:30pm there's horrible traffic. but i feel fine about it because i'm listening to the adam carolla show on my iPod (sidenote: adam carolla is a freaking genius. i can't get enough).

so, i'm in the left lane. it's stop and go traffic. adam's talking about how stupid it is to have stickers on fruit. then, JUST like those "life comes at you fast" commercials that i HATE, someone slams into me from behind. here are important facts to keep in mind at this point:

1. i've been in loads of car accidents, but NEVER when i was driving. this is new and terrifying to me
2. anyone remember how i'm 38 weeks pregnant?
3.the freeway is PACKED
4. it's raining like crazy
5. remember that part about me being 38 weeks pregnant?!?!?!?!

i had to tell myself several times that what was happening was real, that i had to make decisions. i couldn't find the emergency lights. i couldn't remember how to put the car in park. i was just in shock i guess, which only lasted for about 30 seconds. thankfully i work in constant crisis and stress, and was able to pull it together ENOUGH. since the freeway was packed, we just scooted a little to the left. but then i was trapped in my car, because the door couldn't open wide enough for my belly to get out. so i literally have to lift my stomache and maneuver it around the door. it takes me forever to find my phone to call the mister and ask him what to do. i'm crying like....well like i've just been in a car wreck. the guy was very kind, thankfully, although he wasn't nearly horrified enough that he had slammed his car into a HUGE pregnant chick.

let's skip the boring details about how all i could think was that i needed to call my doctor to find out it my baby was okay, so i didn't make a point of getting all the right info from this guy. (side note 2: for awhile it looked like he had given me bogus info, which made things even worse. but that all seems to have worked out now, so i can let go of the "why on earth didn't I....?" guilt) after the info exchange, i get back into my car, and immediately call my OB who i had just seen a few hours before. she tells me to go immediately to the hospital. that's comforting...so i drive myself there, shaking and crying and totally scared, thinking "i don't have my hospital bag...i don't have my birth plan. i'm not ready." meanwhile i'm also calling rebeccamarie to see if she can meet me at the hospital, which she did, and i can't thank her enough for that.

i get to the hospital and they immediately put me into a labor & delivery room, into the classic hospital gown and attached to fetal monitors and such. this was so scary, especially because i was still alone at this point, and there were so many nurses buzzing around and asking questions and taking my blood pressure, feeling my cervix....it was too much. thankfully rebeccamarie showed up and had me laughing after not too long which made the time go by much more quickly and calmly.

anyway, they kept me for about 4 hours to make sure the baby was okay, then they let me go home with a comforting"this could still send you into labor tonight or tomorrow, you'll need to be on bedrest."

and that's just what i'm doing. and i don't mind so much, at least not today. i needed a rest, if we're being honest. and it doesn't break my heart to not go to work.

i'm super ache-y and sore today, and my brain feels fuzzy. but the baby is doing great which is the most important part, and i don't seem to be thrust into labor which is also nice (for the moment).

thanks to everyone who prayed for me and the fetus yesterday. i'm just so grateful to have such faithful and generous friends. and to prove it, here's a few fun pics:

the obligatory "picture of self in bathroom mirror"
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that's right. i'm due in 2 weeks and i'm still rocking heels. pay no attention to the leg stubble. i can slide my feet into shoes, but i can't reach my legs to shave.
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the winning date: a dinner cruise on the Portland Spirit
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the mister and i on the deck of the Spirit. we tried this shot twice, i looked horrible in the other one, so this is the one i'm posting, even though he looks a little ticked.
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Paula said...

I'm so glad you and baby are OK!!! We'll be praying for a safe and calm and peaceful rest of your pregnancy and a beautiful, healthy baby!

LoriLoo310 said...

So, I love the shoes. I totally gave up on wearing heels at about the 25th week, you're a much better pregnant woman than I was!

I'm glad things turned out ok for you and the baby after the fender bender (besides being shaken up a bit).

I bet your next post will be proclaiming the arrival of a beautiful little girl. I'm so excited for you!

Breanna said...

well, that might mean i don't post for awhile...my little lady seems to be VERY comfortable right where she is! she obviously doesn't know about the PERFECT nursery waiting for her...which will most likely be the actual next post...cause i'm just so excited about it!

Rebecca said...

Those shoes are awesome!!!!