Thursday, August 16, 2007

Your Help is Needed!

alright, the mister and i have decided (last minute) to have one "last" great date this weekend, knowing that a)this baby will probably show up early and b)we won't get a date for quite some time once she's here

here's the brain has completely stopped working! i can't come up with much more than the cliche dinner and a movie...but i feel like this date should be so much more than that, given what it represents!

so, let me see your creative brains at work! help me out! i'll owe you one!

in fact, if you come up with the winning idea, you'll get a picture of the new little bundle before anyone else (family excluded) and can option it out to celebrity gossip mags and websites and make MILLIONS. that should be sufficient incentive!
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Jason Hill said...

Well, you are in luck! The Vans Invitational is in town this weekend! With none other than Shawn White himself headlining the skate vert on Saturday. What could be more romantic than watching guys huck themselves off 30 foot ramps?

Jess said...

Wait, when are you due? Because I think we might be due the same day or at least around the same time. That would be crazy. My due date is Sep 3rd. And being early sounds good to me...if only we could both be that lucky. Have our babies and not be prego anymore...what more could a girl ask for?

James Wood said...

I don't know if it's too late, but you could go to the Portland City Grill which is at the top of the pink building in downtown Portland. The windows offer a panoramic view that is amazing.