Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Sky is Falling!

all week long, i've felt this hovering sense of doom. and the world around me is validating my paranoia.

"is your purse killing you?!" what? huh? oh no! is it?

"has the bird flu finally made it's way to your town?" *takes huge gulp of air in attempt to hold breath until cure is discovered*

"bomb squad called after pizza delivery gone awry"

"gas prices expected to continue to increase over the next 800 years"

"tonight on Gilmore Girls...who gets pregnant?!"

"tonight on the Soprano's...who's gay and who's getting killed?!"

so i've been freaking out...what's going on? why is everything of utmost crisis NOW?!?! like, all in one week?!

then, as i was driving in to work this morning, my favorite morning radio show personalities were talking about all the ridiculous headlines being used for MAY SWEEPS

and i feel completely dumb. i'm a sucker. a sucker who is NOT, in fact, being killed by my purse.

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Sarah said...

So what WAS up with Gilmore Girls anyway... I thought the preview the week before very clearly showed L saying... I'm pregnant!

ARRRGHHHHHHhhhhhh That show drives me crazy (in a good way)

James Wood said...

[Disclaimer]I don't watch Gilmore Girls, but I have a "roommate" who does, therefore I get the know about it[/Disclaimer]

My theory is that the "big deal" will be that L will offically break it off with Luke and R will finaly grow up and dump Logan and then she will move home and the show will end where it began with the Gilmore girls kickin' it together.

An Paul Anka is the one who's pregnant.

LoriLoo310 said...

Love your graphic at the end. It made me smile :)

BSC said...

According to Jim is coming back for another season: Real sign of the end being near.

Charlotte said...

Hey Friend! I thought this might be fun for you. It's a bit addictive though.

Breanna said...

oh charlotte, you WIN WIN WIN. taylor hicks pac man=completely awesome. now i have something to do all day at work! i owe you big time!