Thursday, May 25, 2006

i don't even care if i don't get any comments

it's the day i've been waiting for. today, nothing can bring me down.

the american idol 2006 is................ TAYLOR HICKS!!!
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There has never been a more deserving contestant...
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and yes, Taylor, you DO make me proud


tabitha jane said...

i knew you'd be happy about that :)

how was your party on tuesday?

Charlotte said...

I thought of you too when I found out he won 'cuz I knew how you'd been rooting for him this whole time. Are you going to the show when they roll through town?

Breanna said...

tab- the idol shin dig was small (you lured most of the rad chicks away with your luxurious spa night) but lovely. thanks for asking.

char- not that i claim to be the only one, but from taylor's VERY FIRST audition he has been my top pick, and i have NEVER waivered.

it is a fabulous, wonderful, glorious day! plenty of things happened today to talk me out of my joy...but i will NOT be distracted from this super duper day.

thanks for thinking of me you lovely ladies!

Sarah said...

Was it your birthday??? If so, happy beautiful birthday!

I'm proud on your behalf for Taylor also. :) Though, i did think that Katherine did a fabulous job with Somewhere Over The Rainbow.

Breanna said...

not my birthday, sadly, until july...but it felt as nice as birthdays should feel. it was an american idol finale party!

rebecca marie said...

okay, so he was HOT.

Breanna said...

two things RM: a: IS hot. continues to be hot. hot is as hot does. and the like. b:you're my wednesday hero for that link. wayyyyyyyyyytoooooogooooooooo!