Friday, May 19, 2006

i promise it's not some sort of hoax or set up

so, it's google, only called "blingo." don't ask me why. anyways. you use it like google, only you can win stuff. i don't know why. so, a friend of mine won a ten dollar gift certificate to iTunes, then invited me to join. so i did. and now i'm inviting you. a nice part of the deal is if i win, so do you. or something like that. whatever. just click this

in other news, watch this. because i said so.

did you catch that? nope...cause for the last 3 days that this has been up, there's been no explanation! it's a video of a store celebrating the 10,000 SHOPLIFTER. that's why it's funny. for some reason i thought it would explain that at the end...and it didn't. so it just looked like i put up a lame video for no reason. au contraire. i put up a lame video for a very good reason!

and also this:

and yes, i did JUST discover youtube for the first time. whatcha gonna do about it?


Ghost Dog said...

YouTube rules. Did you check out "Star Trek Cribs"?

Breanna said...

wow. no kidding. brilliant. the director's cut was definately better...loved the ear art.

LoriLoo310 said...

Ok, those dolls gave me nightmares. I think dolls are pretty creepy to begin with, but THOSE dolls are downright EVIL. (shudder)

rebecca marie said...

i wish the shoplifter one was subtitled.