Thursday, February 22, 2007

My sincerest apologies....

i can admit when i've been wrong. and i'm not too proud to say i'm sorry. here's proof:

dear cable guy,
i'm sorry that when you came to my house on August 26th 2006 i didn't take you more seriously. i shouldn't have made fun of you to all my friends, especially on the internet for all to see. that was mean and uncalled for.

furthermore, i'm sorry i did not heed your warning. i could've used those 4 months so much better than i did. how i was i to know that on december 27, exactly 4 months after your fateful housecall, i would find myself knocked up just like you said? you called it, cable guy. you and the many spirits you brought with you.

so here's my public apology. i owe you one buddy. instead of listening to you, i listened to all the doctor's that have told me i'd never be "with child." oh, if i had known then what i know now. no wonder you saw me as a "big green grape," as it seems to be shaping up that way. you sure know your stuff.

this is an open invitation to return to my house, cable guy, any time you want-cable or not. if you've got any inklings or dead people telling you about lottery tickets i should buy, or the best way for me to break into the music scene, please stop by. i'll be there, just me and the baby.



rebecca marie said...

you mean i can FINALLY talk about it????

i love your spawn.

BSC said...

Wait, is this serious? I'm lost.

Breanna said...

it's serious as.....well, as serious as my morning sickness, yes.

LoriLoo310 said...

Oh yay! Welcome to the wonderful world of barfing, heartburn and swollen fingers ... you're going to LOVE it! :) I'm so happy for you, this is such an exciting time. Oh joy!

James Wood said...

What, what, WHAT!?!

That sure was a sneaky way to let the blog-o-sphere know.

Um . . . good job . . . I guess (that is if it was planned, if it wasn't, then it was a bad job).

I'll let the wife know, since she doesn't have the interwebs available to her so she can blog-n-stuff (while she's at work).

Paula said...

yep... just went back and read the "cable guy" entry... that's a bit creepy. I had totally forgotten about that when you called me. Crazy. Anyway... CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN!!! I just can't believe how amazing this is after everything... AMAZING! Hooray God!

tabitha jane said...

yes! i can finally talk about it!!! hoorah!

and congratulations! let me know if there is anything you need.


Ty said...

Happy Morning Sickness!

Jess said...

Yeah! Congratulations! I am SO excited for you! When is your baby due?

Morning sickness...well...I feel for you and I understand. I will say a prayer for you right now that it goes away real soon!
Yeah again!

Jessica said...

Congratulations, Breanna! I'm very happy for you!
I'm also very glad that our cable guy just drew cool pictures on our invoice!