Tuesday, February 27, 2007

i am already a horrible mother

this according to my boss.

we were sitting in this ridiculous training today, filled with less than intelligent people and your run of the mill awful trainers.

after about two hours of this (and given my awful heartburn keeping me awake till the wee hours) i started to feel hostile. i mean, seriously, people were asking really STUPID questions. so i make a very sarcastic (and funny) comment to the lady sitting next to me about the row of women two tables up who seem to be stuck in 1983 with their winged mullets.

my boss (who, as you may already know, i LOATHE) leans over to me and says, "breanna, you're passing on hatred and judgementalism to your baby. you need to focus on love and acceptance of those who bother you."

to which i replied

"no. i'm passing on high standards. i'm making it clear that stupidity is not an option."

he laughed a little. but seriously?!?! this is actually bothering me. for several reasons really. because, is he right? i mean, am i doing damage to my unborn child by being intolerant of people being voluntary idiots?

and also? is it okay that he even said that? given the fact that we are, in NO WAY, friends or even friendly on most days.

then, later at lunch i was talking to the girls about american idol. and he says
"breanna, you went to college, right?"
"what was your major?"
"so, you've been exposed to politics and ethics and social matters and such?"
"so why is it that you're always talking about shallow, useless things like reality tv?"

well i gave him an answer. and i won't bore you with it. but please keep in mind that i've been doing this bastard's job for over a year now. and that he is the scum of the scum of the earth. i could go on and on. but i respect you, so i won't.

but can i strike back somehow?
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Ty said...

This might help: Anger Management.

Ty said...

Wow, violence! I guess he'd think that I'm Satan.

Breanna said...

Ty- you are the hero of the week!!! that link is PERFECT. i owe you one buddy!

James Wood said...

It sounds to me like your boss really wants to make himself feel better at your expense. I think it must be a part of boss training or something. "In this class we'll learn how to work out our own issues by degrading our employees without being legally culpable."

I think you would be a bad parent if you didn't set high standards for you child.

I think you would be a bad person if you were not able to connect with people through common cultural phenomenon.

Screw him.

Sarah said...


Congratulations, Breanna! That is SOOOOOOO EXCITING~!!!! :)

Sara Edelson said...

He's just sad b/c he is socially awkward and not witty. Additionally, he is unable to fit in to the overall community and discuss pop culture. I suggest leaving a copy of US Weekly anonymously on his desk with a note that says "to help you with your social awkwardness"