Monday, October 09, 2006

is it just me?

i've had several discussions lately with friends that basically turned into "is it just me, or is the world getting ______?"

so, blog it just that i'm getting older and more involved in the grown-up life and therefore more aware of things, or is the world really getting more violent, more scary, more abusive, more untrusting and dirty? has it been this bad all along?

(p.s, the above questions are only partially driven by the boiling hatred of my current work situation...which i would share with you except that who knows who might be blurking around these parts...i'll explain when the coast is clear....anyways, other than that, it's sincerely wondering about the state of the world...)
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LoriLoo310 said...

I ponder that exact same question quite often. I'd love to see some responses from people who may be from my parents' generation. Has it always been like this and I have been just blisfully unaware? I have no answers to give myself.

James Wood said...

I think from generation to generation there might be cycles. I think our world might go through cycles where some things are more public than others. But I only have to read some history to see that this world has always been full of violence and corruption and greed and all things nasty.

Someone said once, "There's nothing new under the sun."

Even check out the Bible to see some pretty nasty human behavior (other than spam, they've got all the bad stuff that we have).

Just me said...

Well, I for one believe that the world has gotten a lot worse over my lifetime. And I also think that we are more acutely aware of the aweful stuff since it drives the media. In times past the news had much more positive information included; now it's a rarity. And it's sad to say that the garbage we allow on TV/Radio/Internet all in the name of 1st amendment rights has created an unsatiable beast that only hungers for more and increasingly horrific/degrading immorality to spew all over. Come Lord Jesus, come quickly!!!