Monday, October 23, 2006

dolls are scary. need proof?

for my 13th birthday i decided to have the ultimate girl sleepover complete with messy pedicures, thirty bags of doritos and microwave s'mores. and i figured that one's 13th birthday is exactly the time to watch one's first SCAAAARRRRY movie. so off me and the little ladies went (full pajama attire) to blockbuster (remember those? they were these stores that let you browse around and rent movies for a few days...) and trekked down the horror film aisle. and what did we choose?

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we all giggled at how silly it would be. how dumb. by the time we were 20 minutes in...we were all silent in terror, hoping no one else would notice the trembling and nail biting. when the movie ended, we all forced giggles and "that was like, so laaaame" but none of us slept a wink. and no one went to the bathroom until daylight because my grandma has this insane collection of giraffe figurines ranging from very small to ENORMOUS and creepy lining the hallway front to back.

since that night, i've been quite afraid of dolls. basically, all dolls look like this to me:
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Just me said...

And you bring this up cuz...???

Breanna said...

because i can mom. duh.

Amanda said...

i agree.... one sound out of baby burps alot and i'm frantically hunched in a corner rocking and crooning to myself.

tabitha jane said...


rebecca marie said...

i've been trying for two days now to find this awesome video with a talking doll in it that i think bsc posted a while back. man, i hope he'll send you the link!

LoriLoo310 said...

Ok, freaky. Just plain freaky. Come to think of it, these dolls remind me of the dessert place you took us to. Like Phoebe and Gladys.