Monday, October 02, 2006

as it turns out, i like football

who knew? i finally started asking the mister what on earth was going on down there on the field, and he started explaining it in ways that make sense.

i've always liked going to football games, but not for any reason related to football itself. i like the energy, the people watching, the hot dogs and getting to yell to my heart's content without getting into trouble.

but now, after a few lessons of football 101, i like it because i sorta get it. not thoroughly or anything, but at least i know what the heck a down is.

for some reason i've got terrible football luck. now that i love football for football, i keep getting seated in front of the WORST people. first it was the parents who had no sense and brought their barely 2 year old kid to the super late Beaver game. she kept kicking me in the head. then she spilled mommy's soda all over me. jerk kid.

then this weekend at the Cougar game it was two girls in their mid-20's who, despite living in vancouver washington, were HUGE usc fans. these are the kind of girls who come early and talk LOUDLY the entire time about aaaaallll the crappy and horrible things about wsu...these are the girls who make a point of learning all the player's names and then using them obsessively as though they are BEST friends with them "that's my chauncey! good boy chauncey!"

now, had my mother-in-law not been sitting right next to me, the night would have gone ENTIRELY another direction. oh how i wish that were the case.

instead, i had to bite my tongue and find passive aggressive ways to express my extreme annoyance with them. when girl #1 made a comment about hating the wsu tradition of saying "and that's another COUGAR FIRST DOWN!!" i made sure to yell it as loud as possible and turn my head in her direction every first down for the rest of the game. and whenever someone needed to get by me, i backed into her knees instead of standing up to get out of the way. and when mother-in-law went to get popcorn i made a loud-ish comment to the mister about the "ridiculous girls behind me."

in the end, their precious trojans won. it was a great game though, and i made a point of giving my best deathglare on our way out.

any good stories about morons you've had to put up with at sporting events?

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LoriLoo310 said...

Oh boy do I! But let's not delve into that unpleasant experience.

Girl, I need your e-mail address!

rebecca marie said...

he he he... you'll get to the point where you refer to the players as if you know them. and when you do i'm going to laugh and laugh and laugh.

in the meantime, i'm so glad you're in the club! it's very theraputic.

Just me said...

Well, well,'s amazing the things we learn as we get older! Nice to know you can sit in with the rest of us now :o) ~jb