Tuesday, October 10, 2006

is it just me? part 2

(i think my brain is undergoing a major paradigm shift...i sense a series of posts coming...no pressure to care or read, i think i just need to use this avenue to work out some thoughts...)

Many have traveled this road before
I see their tracks in the dirt
maybe I don't agree with where they all lead.
But who am I? just a youth...
but why has that become the excuse?
A monotone voice in my head saying,
"dreaming all the time is so foolish.
Your flood of empty words will drown you in ruin."
So we listen.
But should we listen?
They shake their heads as they drive away in the bandwagon
I didn't feel like hitching a ride
But I'll be fine
Some nights it's hard to be alone
I want some kind of kinship at the finish line
it drives me on when they say,
"dreaming all the time is so foolish.
Your flood of empty words will drown you in ruin."
So we listen.
But should we listen?
Come with me! They'll call us REVOLUTIONARIES!
Come with me! They'll call us REVOLUTIONARIES!
Dreaming all the time is NOT foolish
Your flood of lifegiving words will refresh
Should we listen, REVOLUTIONARIES?
i have loved this song for a long time. but just today it hit me in a totally different way. i'm working in a field that is intended to be about the business of helping people...healing people. and yet the road is paved with half-hearted footsteps...selfish, self-serving footsteps. it's so widely accepted to do only what is required...just enough to CYA. and i've never felt at home in that mentality. i've been the misfit who is told that my passion for this work will only do me in...come back to bite me. they say the passion and drive will fade as i gain more experience. they have tried to shatter my dreams of what i can do in this world, and for awhile now, i've let them.
but no more! i was not made for mediocrity. i was not given this passion and drive and ability just to throw it all away and fade into the masses. these dreams are not just my own, and they are not unrealistic or unattainable. i can bring about my dreams, both in my career and my personal life. there just isn't any reason not to. the only thing in my way is whether or not i let others say no.
and why is everyone so comfortable with this mediocrity? we all have greatness waiting for us...why do we stop short? did you ever hear about that chick who wanted to swim across the atlantic ocean (or something like that) and she swam for like 20 hours (or some really long time) and a fog settled in and she couldn't see where she was going, and couldn't tell if she was even going in the right direction. so, after a zillion hours of swimming, she called to be picked up by the rescue boat. when they picked her up, she was less than half a mile (so they say) from her destination!!!!
now, i realize that there will be fog between me and these goals of mine, it's inevitable. but i don't have to let people force fog on me, force me to think i'm off course or will never get to where i'm going.

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James Wood said...

"They may take our lives, but they'll never take OUR FREEDOM!"

Do it. Dude, just do it. Who do we remember from history? The freaks who did what everyone said was impossible. I believe that we all have these passions, but it's hard to see them through. We have to step into the unknown and walk a path we've never seen. So many people give up. They can't keep going in the face of so much doubt. They've been burned and they want to "save" you from the same thing.

Guess what. Your passion has been given to you by God. Don't let anyone--ANYONE--tell you otherwise. But you won't be able to follow your passion on your own. You have to rely on God.

"For we are God's handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do." (Ephesians 2:10) That word "handiwork" is like "work-of-art". You are God's work-of-art with all your passions and drive and he made you to do a specific ministry. Even more than that he has prepared a specific ministry for you to do--if you don't do it then no one else will.

You were made for this; you were made to be a revolutionary.

Ty said...

You've got it! Preach it brother James. I'm even more Jaded than most other people about changing the world within the confines of a bureaucracy, but I believe very strongly in individuals being able to change the lives of countless other individuals. Keep on working at it, we're all pulling for you.

Just me said...

This statement is another reason why I am so PROUD to be called your mom!!!

You go right ahead and "Rock this world!" Turn it upside down!!!

One person can make a difference; Jesus did! And even if it's only for those immediately around you you go on and do what you know is right because otherwise you'll never be at peace with yourself inside.

Those others who are trying to "protect" you have no clue of all you're capable of acheiving. I know better!!! You will never be wrong in doing all that you can for those He's brought into your life. For in doing unto them you are completing the work He has called you into.

I'm so proud of my revolutionary child and her dreams!!! ~jb

rebecca marie said...

yes, it is just you.

(also, it is totally not just you.)