Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Results of What's in the Brown Bag

it's your own fault.

in case if you thought i fell off the face of the earth, or was just dodging the inevitable giving up of the brown're wrong.

see, last thursday i unveiled the fabulous brown bag campaign. i thought you all would be a little quicker than you were, so when i went out of town eeaaarrrly sunday morning, i figured the whole thing would be wrapped up. since it wasn't, i just left, hoping someone would have won by the time i got back tonight.

well i'm back, and like american idol, the votes are in.

the highlight of the Premiere Brown Bag gala was, in my mind, our new visitor "shafter79" being on top of the race for so long. In the end, our dear friend Tim won it all. But i was so impressed with both of you, that i've decided to divide the contents of the brown bag between you!!!


so, you're all just dying to know WHAT'S IN THE BROWN BAG?!?!?!

for Tim: 5.00 gift card to Starbucks!
for Shafter79: 1 package of Twizzler Watermelon Pull 'n Peel.

to redeem: email with your addresses. The Brown Bag will be on its way.

For the rest of you: I'm expecting more from you next go round. It won't be the same challenge, so don't try to cheat. But you've experienced the first round, and now i assume you'll be more prepared to vie for a piece of the brown bag (the whole thing really).

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Shafter79 said...

I found your site through random blogging. I get really bored at work and just randomly blog. I think the first blog on the string to your blog was Skot's Site. You don't need to split the winnings with me an Tim Lewis, he won. Plus I heard he changed someones life. That's a pretty big deal.

tabitha jane said...

i think the next link from Skot's site would be me (since he's my friend and breanna's my friend too and i link to both of them) . . . hooray for being a part of a random blogging!

Breanna, welcome back friend! Oh, how i've missed you! you wouldn't possbily have time to meet me for sushi today would you?
i think i'll call you and find out . .
doo doot do do . . .
(wait, that just sounded like the holly and ivy . . .remember how Tianna totally rocked that song!?)

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

No fair. I just discovered this blog today.

I would have guessed a human head.

Breanna said...

just discovered it today LBB? I've been commenting on your blog for awhile, had you linked from my blog...and you've commented on blogs of my friends have you not found me yet? how odd...

you would've guessed a head in the bag? that's a good one...i'll look into that for next month!