Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Attention Blogmunity:

I have a HUGE announcement that will be made on this blog in approximately 48 hours. You won't want to miss this. this is not the kind of announcement you'd want to find out about later. THAT'S WHY I'M GIVING YOU NOTICE! It's going to be a MASSIVE unveiling...so get your blog friends together, and tell them to be ready...cause once it starts it's gonna take off!

consider yourselves warned.

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Mrs. Andrea Wood said...

Oh- that is just not fair!

You cannot tell us that you have a surprise and not tell us what it is!!!

Are you preggie?

Are you moving?

Did you lose a finger in some chili?

Were you finally discovered to be the biggest star/diva ever?

Give us a clue here!

Bill said...

You better not be planning a picnic for all of us in the blogging community in the Portland/Salem area, 'cause that's already being handled...

tabitha jane said...

did you loose a finger in some chili . . . heh heh. chuckle.

you crack me up andrea.

snort. chuckle. hee.

breanna. listen. you have to stop doing things like this to me. warn me first! will you notify me as soon as you post this announcementwhateverthing?