Monday, May 16, 2005

Do your feet hurt? cause you've been striding through my mind all day...

Yesterday was the Strides for Breast Cancer fundraising walk. We're talking 5 miles (don't let Tabitha tell you three...) in the rain no less, and worth every step. It's awesome to be a part of something bigger than yourself and your immediate circle of friends. the atmosphere is positively addicting...thousands of people surround you, all walking for the same thing, all wearing the same shirt (this is the ONLY day of the year that i'm okay with that) and you strike up conversation with complete strangers walking around you. Volunteers and cancer survivors and posted all along the route, cheering you on (and giving a false sense of relief by saying "you're almost there!" when in fact you've got three miles left) and handing you water. It is absolutely awesome.

Fox Force Five was alive and well...a wonderful group of friends that, for two years now, has joined together to partake in this worthy cause. if ever there were fabulous people to trudge through five miles of rain was the FFF's. they were five of the funniest and most entertaining miles of my life. if only i could get these folks three times a week for such a grand workout! Many thanks and all my gratitude and respect to the members of FFF...and our fearless leader Tabitha.

and now a challenge, dear reader...find a cause and invest yourself. there is something so vital and exhilerating about being part of something so much bigger...being surrounded by masses of people from all walks (pun not intended, but amusing nonetheless) of life. It's an experience that can't be faked and shouldn't be missed. You're invited to join the FFF's next year if you like. And if you find something great, let me know...i'm kinda hooked on this stuff!

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tabitha jane said...

i don't know about you, but my stick on pink ribbon tattoo is flaking off and it looks like a scab on my arm . . .

for more information on the strides walk, all you bloggers can visit this site.

i was so proud of my husband for walking with us!! so sexy of him really.

Bill said...

Years ago, when Kathy still worked in the medical field, we both participated in a walk for diabetes research. She worked for a doctor who specialized in treating the disease.

I agree, it is a wonderful feeling to know that even just contributing your time, let alone your donations and pledges, is appreciated so much by those that are being helped.