Monday, March 03, 2008


i'm not ready to run it yet, but i'm going to do the "fitness walk" which i think is about 3-ish miles. i love doing the shamrock, so fun! if you want to join me, it's an easy fitness walk, and such a great experience with loads of people, lots of energy, and clam chowder and beer when you're done!! i don't personally enjoy beer at 9am after working up a sweat, but loads of people do.

anyhow, i'm inviting you to walk with me if you want to. i'm sure several of you are running it (jason?) and that's great too, i'll be so happy to meet up with you at the finish line (bet you'll get there first!) and then grab our celebratory chowder! what's really exciting is that it's the 30th the shirts are actually a bit different this year! hooray! and i like them! super hooray! gotta love the tshirt...especially because it doesn't specify if you ran or walked...and i like to feel like i COULD'VE run it, juuuuuuuuuust maybe!

who's in? or who's already going?


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LoriLoo310 said...

So I've decided that yoga is the perfect exercise. Forget this walking and running business. Yoga is the ultimate. You must try it! You could be my yoga buddy if you lived here (or we lived there).