Tuesday, March 11, 2008

i got served

the greatest thing happened last week. for the first time EVER, i got a summons for jury duty!!!! i was so very excited! it said the case would likely last about 4 weeks. i have ALWAYS wanted to get jury duty. then my mister reminded me about the part where we have a baby now....a baby that requires my body for nourishment. my heart sank. i tried to bargain, "but i'm the PERFECT jurror! they would choose me in a split second!! uncle sam needs me!!" the mister picked up the summons, looked it over and replied "see, they've even got a box to check to say you're exempt because you're breastfeeding. uncle sam doesn't want you right now."

so my friends, i hope you won't mind that i had to, at least for now, choose my parenting responsibilities over the civil ones.

but hey, why don't YOU tell me YOUR jury duty story, and i'll live vicariously. hooray!

the good news is, i can keep working on my personal political stances even with a baby on my boob.


The wife said...

I got a summons for jury duty once... FEDERAL jury duty. I was SOO excited!! This is also my dream. The sad news.. I had just turned 18 and was in HS. Apparently they don't let high school kids miss school for that. I am still bummed to this day.

g_wheeler2001 said...

Have I told you my jury duty story? I served for 6 weeks on a murder trial. It was a great experience. I was the last hold-out in the deliberation. I wanted to be *really* sure before we condemned a man for life. Ask me sometime and I'll tell you more...