Friday, September 07, 2007

the waiting game

....still no baby, which is totally fine. i'm mostly feeling quite well. the thing that makes it hard is how 35 people have decided to call me EVERYDAY just to say "are you STILL pregnant?!?!" having to tell each one of them, "yes, and i really do promise to let you know as soon as that changes! you really don't have to call to ask everyday."

i'm trying to be polite, i really am. i know their intentions are good. but it's not easy to feel patient and comfortable when i'm being reminded every 30 minutes that i've not had a baby yet.

it's not very helpful that this is the ONLY reason people seem to call anymore. this is literally how most of the conversations go:

me: hello?
them: hi. are you STILL pregnant?!?!
me: yes. i really do promise to call or text you when that changes.
them: okay. that's all i wanted to know. bye!
me: bye. (to self: grrrrrrr)

for some, i've actually stopped answering the phone altogether. for others, i've taken to sending a pre-emptive daily text message. is this rude?

i'm grateful to have friends who care about how i'm doing, and who are excited to meet my little girl. but i wouldn't mind some of them wanting to ALSO talk about other things. and i don't like how everyone assumes i'm miserable at this point. sure, i'm more uncomfortable than if i weren't pregnant, but i'm still really quite active considering i'm 41 weeks pregnant (as you'll remember from the accusatory "why are you never home??" comments i've received) and sleeping well (praise God!) and i'm fine with the baby being where she is until it's time for her to move out of my womb.

for those of you who may be curious, my dr has given me until next friday (Sept 14th) to go into labor on my own before they induce. i'd really like to avoid induction, but i'll be at 42 weeks on the 17th, and my doctor is going out of town after the i was willing to compromise by a few days. i wouldn't mind some prayerful intervention about my labor and delivery, if you would be so kind.

meanwhile, here's something entertaining, since this particular post is mostly a venting extention of the last...


Ab & Brandi said...

Yes!! I love online BFF's. Thanks for loving my purse. I highly recommend the Coach outlet stores, and if I ever meet you.. maybe you can carry it around for a while.

Yes. Lori is quite amazing. I love stalking people online so be-ware.

If you ever need something to talk about "outside" of pregnancy.. you can contact me. I'm a world of random thoughts :) ha!!

tabitha jane said...

#1 that was the best video ever.

#2 try massage acupressure points "Kidney 9" and "Liver 4"

they are not allowed during pregnancy because they are known to induce labor . . . but as your massage therapist i can tell you that it is ok to do it now - since inducing labor is what you want!!!

love you!

tabitha jane said...

not that you want advice and i am sure everyone is giving it to you, but another thing i've noticed that works is just sitting down as a family and letting the little one know that you are ready and it is totally safe for her to come out. make it a special family time . . . a ceremony of sorts.

ok, i will stop giving you unasked for advice before you write a blog about it :)