Monday, April 24, 2006

Something Real

For those of you who thought that (a)i am quite full of myself or (b) i'm a very good lyricist based upon my "about me" section...i submit the true good friend Tiffany Lee a.k.a Plumb, and the video of the song from which i stole the lyrics. it's only fair, she stole some stuff i said and used it to write a song.

anyways, i just love this song. i think it fits in nicely with some of the stuff i've been talking about lately. what do you think?


Josh said...

my friend is playing with plumb these days.

rebecca marie said...

oh! nice to finally hear the song that you quote in your bio. i'm not generally a fan of female vocalists (aside from you, of course)... but i do like her god shaped hole song... you know that one... that's okay. i guess.