Friday, April 21, 2006

Circus of the Sun

on wednesday night i had the EXTREME pleasure of going to Cirque Du Soleil: Verekai. i've seen bits and peices of cirque stuff in the past on tv and such, but i really had NO IDEA just how incredible the experience would be. and because i love you, i've brought along a few pictures you may enjoy:Image hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by Photobucket
these two are twin brothers, and they were impressive. lots of showing off their strength by one holding the other by one hand whilst swinging high in the air. Image hosting by Photobucket those cirque people do lots of fun things like stacking on top of one another. if the world ever gets too overpopulated, i think we're going to have to learn how to do this stuff just to get around nicely. Image hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by Photobucket this guy was, by far, my favorite. i don't guess there's any way to explain what he did, except to say that he did this entire thing in a net, suspended in the air, and it was so BEAUTIFUL. then he did the "i'll make them gasp" by doing this weird twisty thing where he ended up spinning out of the net toward the floor, and then was dangling just by his hand in the net. i loved it. i'd totally pay 75 bucks just to see that again. Image hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by Photobucket i think this is what cirque is best known for...the flippers and the jumpers. the guys in the audience seemed to like these acts the best. well, these and the one of the girl in the nearly see through leotard with glitter crotch, but that's to be expected. Image hosting by Photobucket no story here...i just thought the picture came out really great. one last thing: have i told you guys how the "Enter" key on my laptop doesn't work? so that's why i couldn't get the formatting right in this amount of space bars or tab keys would fix that one part above where the sentance finishes at the bottom of the next photo. so i'm sorry about that. i can do sufficiently "entered" posts when i do them from work, but i've got the day off. anyways...any ideas on how to overcome the enter key thing?


BSC said...

Maybe get it fixed?

(Someone was going to say it, might as well be me)

Congrats on enjoying the Circus. We wanted to go in Vegas, but it was waaaaay too expensive.

That, and clowns are satan's little minions. I know, different kind of circus, but you never know where they'll show up.

PapaPeters said...

Hmmm cool beans I like the stckers and the flippers no enter hmm too bad no fix here

Paula said...

They're coming to Seattle and they're giving the kids at Vision House free tickets. I, being the generous and giving person that I am, have volunteered my services as a chaperone. :)

Rebecca said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures.

Missed you at church yesterday!

LoriLoo310 said...

Ooooh, I love Cirque du Soleil! I got to see it in Florida on spring break my senior year. Amazing show, just amazing! I'm jealous.

tabitha jane said...

going to see it in seattle on friday. jen's lover bought us tickets.

soooo excited!