Monday, October 31, 2005

Saturday Night: a reinactment

so it goes like this: I went to see my best friend's play at the ol' Cade. during intermission, i thought it would be SUPER sweet of me to go get him some flowers. so i put up the hood on my sweatshirt and set out on my covert op. i snuck into the "commons" area of campus where there were precisely 5 flowers still living. i promptly snapped one of the flowers from it's bush and headed back, quite pleased. here's what happened next, as I was walking back to the Reahearsal Hall (good ol' Vera Johnson) i noticed that the play was starting up again, so i started to, um, rush i guess. What happened next is best conveyed through poorly drawn pictures:

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by

From what i hear i caught some air before i FWAPPED down. They thought i had hit my head, thankfully my elbow/ribs/left knee "broke" my fall. I can't remember much of the whole thing...i remember that i couldn't breathe, i remember saying "I don't want to miss the rest of Brandon's play!" and something like "I don't think i should move from this spot until early next week." the rest is a little fuzzy.

that last pic is me, laid up on the couch with my leg elevated and all wrapped up, being iced aaaaalll day. doctor says that the bones are bruised, my ribs are pretty messed up. the color of my knee is very interesting actually...a nice shade of charcoaled blue. and i think it's tripled in size. yuck.

now i get to limp all over the place, and tell the embarrassing story to eight zillion people. has anyone else noticed that trauma seems to have it out for me this year?? oy. the upside? My other best friend (the one who's a girl) took me to Walmart for the necessary retail therapy, and i got to drive one of those electric wheelchair/cart things. I tried not to look like i was enjoying it, in case anyone should think me a faker, but deep down inside, i giggled.


rebecca marie said...

hee hee... i mean... uhm. OH MY WORD, i am soooo sorry. i hate falling.

and i'm with you... falling stories are always better with visuals.

Breanna said... should see the trainwreck that is my knee right now.

Scrapping Dani said...

Oh man Breanna. OUCH! I hate falling. I hope you feel better soon.

rebecca marie said...

how are you, oh injured one?

Breanna said...

I'm hobbling with the best of them. the worst thing (at least at this moment, having just arrived to my 2nd floor office at work) is having to climb stairs using only my right leg to step up with. step, together. step, together. it's slow and it sucks.

and because it's right on the part of the knee that's always moving, it keeps bleeding, and the bandages keep drying into it, so i have to rip them out...along with some skin. OW!

sorry...that was kinda gross.

Nytro said...

after i blew out my ankle, i used one of those carts when we went to Costco. apparently, you need certification to drive one of these things? i was running into piles of jeans and knocking boxes off the shelves left and right. benny stopped taking me there until i could walk on my own.

Ghost Dog said...

Oh, B - you poor dear. I can totally relate to the gimpitude. I did a number on my knee whilst stationed in Germany in 1994, and it was a nice gash just to the inside of my right kneecap. When I straightened my leg after the injury, blood shot out. I had the same problem with bandages and bending the knee. I can't remember what I did about it, though. Probably just wrapped it up real tight and made damn sure I didn't bend it. I have a very nice scar about the size of a nickel.

I wish I'd thought to try one of those cart thingies when I was on crutches for my ankle. Beep beep!

Rebecca said...

Breanna- I didn't realize that it was so bad that night...I'm sorry! I hope you heal and don't end up with a permanent limp.

Breanna said...

Rebecca- hey that's alright...i was trying to keep it together for supportive and such. and now that kid thinks it's funny to say "oh, you're working on your pimp walk eh?" very funny...except for the part where it isn't.

I saw the doctor yesterday who gave me a nice long speech about how there's nothing that can be done, and that injuries such as this take 4 times as long to heal because anytime i move my leg it just reopens the encouraging to hear the doc say "yeah, there's no painkiller or special bandage or anything that will help you. you'll just have to endure it." To which i said..."well that's not very helpful." to which he replied "doctor's orders are to grin and bear it." to which i said, "grrrr hmmph." to which he said, "we will now take lots of money from you for the simple act of saying 'tough luck' and you may be on your way."

alright, the last part didn't so much happen.

kristin said...

Oh my God. Sorry. But that is too funny. I hope you got some good narcotics out of it, though.

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