Monday, October 17, 2005

Please take out your scantron and #2 Pencil

Pop Quiz: please answer one or more of the following

When was the last time you had a really detailed dream, and the next day mixed up the details of your dream with reality?

What's the most embarassing thing you ACCIDENTALLY said? (for example, the other day i was telling someone about a place called "The Triple Nickel" and called it "The Triple Nipple." yikes.)

Have you ever come out of the bathroom with
A.) toilet paper trail
B.) skirt tucked in to chones
C.) water splashed on crotch
D.) other (please specify)___________________________

Have you ever done that thing where you see someone you know and you run up to them and hug them from behind....only to discover it's NOT the person you know....? (yeah, cause i have)

You have ten minutes to complete your tests. I'll be grading on a curve.

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Bill said...

I remember when I was like eight or nine years old, calling my school teacher "Mom" on several occasions.

I got laughed at pretty severely...

Bill said...

OH! I remember another one!

On my wedding day, when I was supposed to say "I, Bill, take you, Kathy", I actually said "I, Ross, take you, Rachel."

My friends were SOOO embarrased for me, especially Phoebe.

rebecca marie said...

hmmm. i dream very vividly all the time, but never mix up the details with reality. my husband does that for me. a few weeks ago, i dreamed that i met his other wife. for a few days afterward he told me constantly of his other wife's virtues; "my other wife would have had dinner ready by now," "my other wife wouldn't sass me..."

i never accidentally say embarassing things. i don't really get embarassed. i just say shocking things and then i completely OWN them.

i'll have to go with "other" on the bathroom question. sometimes i forget to only rinse my hands, and i use soap by mistake. then i walk around with vomit smelling hands for the rest of the day. what is with public bathroom soap?

nope, never had the mistaken identity thing.

BSC said...

I'm always convinced that my dreams are real when I wake up. Then when I realize they're not real, I get this deep inner sadness.

I remember once I dreamed we had won a million dollars. And when I was in middle school I dreamed I had my own adult movie/magazine store. I was REAL sad when I figured out both of those were dreams.

Once in a Taco Bueno drive-thru I ordered Mexi-Dicks and Chicks instead of Mexi-Dips and Chips.

And just the other night I obtained a massive wet spot on my shirt/crotch area in Olive Garden. I tried tucking it in, tried drying it off, then said screw it and vainly paraded it.

I'm pretty good at the mistaken identity thing. I don't run up and hug anybody, except for the wife on occasion. I did it frequently as a child though.

tabitha jane said...

my sister called me one morning after a night of heavy drinking (we were going floating on the river that day) and said "this may have been a dream, but my friend C said that you could borrow his rafts for the day. he said he would leave them on his porch and he lives in fillintheblank area of town"
so, we drove around for about half an hour trying to find this house with rafts on the porch only to find out that it didn't exist and she had just been having a crazy vivid dream in her drunken stupor.

i know that story had nothing to do with me. so give her the points for the quiz, ok?

Scrapping Dani said...

I have walked out of the bathroom with water all over me. At our old church building in the bathroom the water sprayed when you turned it on. I was always scared to turn it on once I got sprayed with water all over my shirt. I started wiping my hands with hand sanitizer instead of washing when we met for church at that building.

Many years ago my Dad's side of the family had a family reunion. My Uncle Adam and my Dad look a lot a like. When it was time for bed I walked up to who I thought was my Dad (his back was towards me) and I hugged him and said good night Dad I love you. He freaked out a little bit because a lot of people on my Dad's side are not affectionate people. I was so embarrassed.

I have a hard time pronouncing a deli sandwich place called Schlotzsky's.

I have had dreams that seemed real. I have had 4 dreams that really came true though. Every time I was pregnant before we found out what we were having I always had dreams of what the baby would be and knew right away what I was going to have.

Also call it weird or cool but also every time I heard my babies heart beats at my prenatal visits I knew at that moment whether I was having a boy or girl and then the dreams confirmed it.

PapaPeters said...

Hmm the first one Uh don't remember but the other night my wife asked me if I made sure the kids were asleep as i go in bed (we don't have any) so that was a stretch.

One day while selling books door to door (90 hours a week of mind numbing stupidity) a 16 or so year old girl with very little clothes on came to the door, I actually asked her if "tits ok if we sit down and talk about her education" Needless to say she quickly covered up and I quickly left as politely as a suspected child abuser could.

Yes to all of the toilet questions, i was a very sad prepubesent boy.

Last I can't remember the hug thing but once i grabbed someone's but who i thought was my girlfriends when it wasn't, wow was I in trouble

tabitha jane said...

i remember that story ryan!!! hah! good one.
man . . . i amazed that you guys ever did that book selling thing. sometimes it's like it never happened . . .

did anyone ever hear jeb's poop stories? man, they are great . . .

Ghost Dog said...

I rarely remember my dreams, and when I do, it's usually not vivid enough to mix up with reality. I think that's maybe a little sad.

Heh...I actually have made the same slip-up with the Triple Nickel.

I've come out of the bathroom with a huge wet spot on the bottom edge of the front of my shirt before, because water had collected on the sink edge.

I've only ever waved at people I thought I knew only to find out they were someone else. I'm not a run-and-hug kinda guy anyway.

kristin said...

1. My dream can be seen on my blog.
2. I once just blurted out "I think I peed my pants" in class.
3. Toilet paper trail
4. Hugged someone I didn't know many a times

emilykaypeters said...

I had a dream that I was late for work one day while Ryan was gone, and woke up with a deep breath of air, turned to look at the clock and it was 11:00. I was like "OH crap, I was supposed to be at work 1 hour ago." Got dressed in a hurry, ran to my car only to realize that it was 11:00 at night. DURH

I've said so many embarassing things, but I'm not sure if they were accidental or if I was just thinking of them in my head.

I have to go with other. But, mine is a little "bloody" to talk about....

When I was at school, I used to wave to people I thought I knew all the time. So embarrasing.

Jessica said...

I am infamous for telling children that their snack for the day will be graham crappers. never can seem to get that one right.

Mrs. Andrea Wood said...

James needs to come and tell the story about the time that he called me fat!

I have had dreams that I wished were real.

I did have one that was all in Spanish because my alarm was going off and somehow it had been turned to the Spanish station and I woke up very confused.

The story of James calling me fat was on accident but I will NEVER let him live that down!