Tuesday, July 12, 2005

My Special Day

Happy Birthday to me!
Happy Birthday to me!
Happy Birthday Breanna!
Happy Birthday to me!

what birthday traditions do you do?

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rebecca marie said...

happy birthday! yay! i don't really have any traditions, i'm not a big birthday person. i'm lucky to remember family birthdays, and i want no fuss around mine. i'd rather just eat a meal that someone else cooked in a house i didn't clean. no presents please, no flowers, no singing. it's not that i don't like attention, i just like it in other ways. janni laine made a big fuss over me when i turned thirty and that was nice, but i don't expect to care again for a long time.

Bill said...

Happy Birthday!

Nytro said...

Happy Birthday! Don't you wish birthday's were as cool now as they were when we were kids?

Scrapping Dani said...


I hope you have a great day.

Birthday traditions lets see. We always make something special or we go out and have a birthday dinner somewhere that sings happy birthday and gives a little treat.

I did a surprise party for Gabe in March. I planned in for several months. I was so scared I would spill the beans to Gabe but I pulled it off. Gabes parents and his other brother from out of state came for the surprise. We had a great time. We are big on birthdays.

Gabe if you read this here is a little hint. I WOULD LOVE A SURPRISE BIRTHDAY PARTY. It would be awesome. Never had one and would love to have one. After all I will be 30 next year. Come on. Hehe. Can you handle planning it and asking my family to come up? Huh Huh. I did it I know you can.

Anyway....Breanna I hope you have a great day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

BSC said...

Happy B-Day.

You have a good spot for your birthday - not too close to any of the 'gift-giving' days. This is the time where people start getting the itch to buy stuff. I bet you had a haul.

Breanna said...

actually no. i managed to find a husband who, while charming and magnificent in every OTHER way, feels there is no reason gifts should be bought. like, ever. which sucks juuuuuust a little cause i, on the other hand, LOVE giving AND getting prezzies.

also, my family does this thing where they send gifts that are ridiculously aweful. remember the story about the used bottle of bubble bath i got from my immediate family for my wedding? and that was an IMPORTANT gift time. so, my 24th birthday gifts were...clothes in the size i was in 7th grade (and not since) and men's shoes that are too big even for my husband. huh??

HOWEVER- I will gladly give anyone my addy should they need to send me a prezzie to make up for where my family lacks.

James Wood said...

Happy Birthday!

I don't really have a tradition - I guess the consistent thing has been Andrea asking what I want to do and me not knowing and her having resteraunt wait-staff sing to me.

Ooooo, let the good times roll.

Breanna - do you need some xylaphone-funk-groves on vinyl? I could hook you up . . .

Tanya Kristine said...


you're old enough to drink now!

Ghost Dog said...

Otanjoubiomedetougozaimasu (Happy Birthday), Breanna!

Hmm...birthday tradition used to be a BBQ at my place (or at a friend's place who has a birthday close to mine), but that has given way in recent years to dinner with the wife and her family at La Carreta (mariachi and sombreros!), or dinner with the wife and her sisters, or just dinner with the wife.

Ghost Dog said...

I looked on Wikipedia and found you share a birthday with a lot of famous people: R. Buckminster Fuller, Bill Cosby, Andrew Wyeth, Christine McVie, and Cheryl Ladd, just to name a few.

More July 12th stuff from Wikipedia

Charlotte said...

Happy Birthday Breanna! You're so lucky to share a birthday with Bill Cosby!

As for traditions my fave birthday one when I was little is that my parents would buy our favorite ice-cream and we'd get to eat it for breakfast. Even in college my mom would stick a thing of Ben & Jerry's in our mini fridge. It was great.

tabitha jane said...

hope your birthday was fun! ben didn't get you anything??? really? sorry friend!

i remeber my birthday last year . . . remember how my mom gave me that scary bunny/alien thing? that and a can of peaches was all i got from my fam . . . geesh. i know how you feel getting crappy presents from the fam.

you also share a birthday with my little sister (remember?) we bought her a drum from rythmn traders on broadway and a drumming cd from EM. i hope she likes it (she said she really wanted a drum!). i KNOW my parents wont :) hee hee.

let's see, birthday traditions . . . well, since jon and i haven't been together for a long time we don't have any traditions of our own yet, but growing up we would always get to choose what we wanted for dinner on our birthdays. whatever our favorite meal was, my mom would make it for us (we were too poor and had too big of a family to afford to go out). we were also part of the baskin robins birthday club, so we would get a cupon for a free ice cream cone on our birthday so we felt pretty special about being able to go and get free ice cream . . . i think that's all. oh, and my dad's parents would always call us and sing happy birthday long distance over the phone!

time to come up with new traditions for me and my new husband!

Tim Lewis said...


I won't sing you the happy birthday song. It's copyrighted.

I don't have a tradition either, but do enjoy presents, especially the expensive stuff that usually takes batteries or have to plug in.

Shanna said...

The tradition when I was growing up was having a joint birthday party with my brother. Our birthdays are 3 days apart. So we would invite all our friends and family, have 2 different cakes that we got to pick out, and celebrate like that. When we were older, My parent took us out to eat, or to the mall.. on our own day.
I didnt care after I hit 20... and for 30, well my friends decided to take me away to the beach.. we wont discuss what happened there!!! :)

I hope you had a great day. It was nice visiting with your last night.

Scrapping Dani said...

I just thought of another tradition I had while growing up. I always wanted Tacos for my birthday dinner. No matter what we had tacos. And I wouild eat like 8 tacos every year on my birthday. I can barely eat 2 now when we have tacos. I also always had sleep overs with my friends and we would lip sing to Barbie and the rockers or New Kids On The Block. We would also play fun games at night my favorite game was light as a feather stiff as a board.

Tee said...

Happy Birthday! I just found your blog (thanks for linking to mine) and you have some great content. Look forward to reading more.

Have a great day.

Oh as for traditions--there must be cake!

tabitha jane said...

are you gonna do your interview from char??? i'm dying to read your answers!

Breanna said...

yeah, so i had actually written it all out in an email to myself tuesday night, and then it got deleted and then i was bitter so i haven't returned to it. i'll do it now. because, why work when the boss is out of the office?

Mrs. Andrea Wood said...

Starting 2003- the tradition I have for your birthday is my anniversary- does that count?

Breanna said...

yes darling andrea, it SO counts.