Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The Good News: we're moved into our house!!! and it's beautiful! and exciting! and fun!

The Bad News: we still don't have the internet, so you'll all have to wait a few more days for more Glimpses of my Graces (and such).

I miss you!!

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James Wood said...

Imagine me upon hearing the news that I must wait longer for my Glimpses:

As I slowly fall to my knees the camera raises above my head. I lift my hands and face toward the sky in slow motion I shout, "NO!" and the camera zooms out to nothing.

Hurry back.

tabitha jane said...

wow james, that brought tears to my eyes.

hey, breanna, you faker, when are you coming back to work?? :) i miss yououuououuuuu

and i have bad news.

Amanda said...


Breanna said...

tabitha "jane"
i am not faking. jerk.

bad news?? call me! blogs are not the place to break big news on your friends for the first time!

rebecca marie said...

do you have internet again????