Thursday, December 18, 2008

snow days abound

say what you will about miserable driving conditions and unprepared towns shutting down. i for one am LOVING these portland snow days. my fella is home, which means (in addition to great quality family time, of course) i get to take some naps and share some house duties. i wish he could be home EVERYDAY!!

he, however, does not feel quite so stoked about the situation. as it turns out, he's going stir crazy...cabin fever they say? he's on the fence between nuts and cuckoo, and cuckoo is winning. it seems that, despite his self proclaimed "homebody-idness" (my word, not his.) he desperately needs to leave the house on a very regular basis. like, at least once per day.

and, if you ask me, he's also realizing with a little more clarity that being a stay at home parent is not quite the luxury it seems to be to some office-going folk. hmph. that's all i have to say about that.

the only downside to the "arctic blast," as they're calling it, is that i'm way behind on getting my christmas cards out and my humble gifts made and delivered. this=frustrating, but oh well.
best part? fun snow pictures!! enjoy!


Complicated Mama said...

Your daughter is just TOO adorable. :)

Hope all is going well by you.

I've nominated you on my site for the Lemonade Award. You can see details on my blog.

breanna said...

as always, you're ridiculously kind to me! hey, also? i've been trying to add your blog to my feed reader for about, oh, EVER, and it's not, i can't find an rss option on your blog...HELP!