Monday, November 17, 2008

to my "distant friend"

something funny happened today. after a long and lonely day of cleaning and re-cleaning, failing miserably to soothe my teething daughter (4 molars at once? seriously?) and trying to process the test results that have come back (more on that another day) and what my life will look like for the next several years, i was stopped in my tracks by a mysterious purple envelope.

you know the one.

what followed was about thirty minutes of re-reading your words, and that kind of cry where it sounds like you're hyperventilating. i am completely astounded, and without words really. can 'thank you' REALLY be enough?

the world feels so small tonight. and God feels so big. and you have caused me to feel heard, and cared for, and not so alone. there is a very firm hug swelling in my arms that belongs to you. those sentances, the sentiments, the selfless-ness of it all...i am...? blessed? honored? HUMBLED.

i will do exactly as you said, and since i think i can guess the "friend" you mentioned, i'll be sure to send one just for you. but also? i'm promising you that i'm going to pay this forward, in whatever way i can figure out.

so, distant friend, thank you. my hope is that you are ready for the level of blessing God is about to pour over you (at least, in part, a result of my fervent pleading) for the kindness you've shown.

and now, a message from kaia:

in case it's a little unclear, she blows a kiss, then signs thank you. it may look the same to you, but i can totally tell the difference!



LoriLoo310 said...

I'm glad that whatever your friend sent you made you happy. And Kaia is just too cute.

Corine said...

Your daughter is adorable! I will keep your family in our prayers :)

Hannah's Tutus said...

For some reason on my gmail your blog address popped up tonight I decide to come and read I always love to check out others blogs. I am sorry for the struggles with your daughters health I will keep her in my prayers and check back on your results, I know how it is to have a sick child for so long my son has had chronic problems for most of his 17 mths of life and I dealt with the scare of my daughter possibly having cancer or some unknown virus at 9 mths we too had to keep her away from others and it was hard more on me than her I hope you will find a way to get out and have time on your own or with others

Nana Cheryl said...

Our granddaughter is ADORABLE! We want more and more video,please!!
Happy Thanksgiving to the whole family! You are always in our prayers.

Nana Cheryl and Papa Lance