Wednesday, November 12, 2008

not so wordless wednesday

a friend of mine took me on a mystery girl date last night to see ingrid michaelson, who i LOVE. this guy named david ford opened for her. i'd never heard of him, but was blown away.

i desperately want you to go watch this video. he did this song last night, live, flawless. it's the same as the video, except each instrument was spread around the stage, and he was literally running to each one. i was breathless.

this is the best sound quality of all the videos of the song and, as luck would have it, the only one i can't embed on the blog, so you'll have to clicky.

WARNING: it does definitely contain STRONG language. so if that's an issue for you, don't clicky after all.
(BSC, i'm thinking you're the most likely to appreciate this)


Corine said...

a friend of mine went to Highschool with Ingrid Michaelson... shes from staten island, like me :)

breanna said...

ok. corine. seriously. as if you weren't already complete perfection, now this? stop it already. next thing i know, you'll be telling me you dated hugh grant once. sheesh.