Monday, September 15, 2008

365 days of change

my little sweet turned one yesterday! all of last week was an emotional rollercoaster and i was a bit worried i'd be a heap of tears yesterday. thankfully, and possibly because i was so busy with party details, the day went superbly with almost no tears or sadness whatsoever on my part. we had so much fun, and kaia was a lovely party girl, showing off her tricks to all the guests.

here's what i get to see every morning, afternoon and night:

not too terrible huh?


Lori Ann said...

She is gorgeous! I love the tutu pictures. How sweet! Hold on tight, toddlers go even faster! But, you will enjoy it!

tabitha jane said...

not terrible in any way!!

g_wheeler2001 said...

doesn't that beauty make up for all the hard stuff? now what did you have to be sad about?

Amber said...

Enjoy every single minute!! :)
(tears come to my eyes as I write this) Before you know it she will be turning 13 like my first born daughter.

Just remember that every day is a blessing and that God entrusted you with such a precious gift.

God bless you and your family