Friday, May 16, 2008

did you see that??

i'm pretty sure i just got a comment about my "getinherhead" post from the inventor or president guy. i am SO cool.

kaia and i are going to california next week...just us girls. i'm definately excited, but super nervous to fly with her alone. she gets bored SO fast, and always wants to be moving on to another activity. and i just can't imagine her sleeping during the flight. i know i should just tell myself "you can only do your best, and you'll never see these people again." but i'm still totally anxious about it.

any tips for flying with a baby? also, for those of you who live in places that actually get do you protect your baby's skin? kaia's so super fair! i got her one of those cute floppy baby hats (we'll see how long it stays on her head) and some baby sunblock. is that sufficient?

last thing. a few days ago, kaia started laying her head down on my shoulder. i hadn't noticed that this wasn't happening until it did. and let me just is the absolute sweetest most wonderful fantastic heartmelting blissful feeling of all time. she just gently lays her head down now and then, almost like a hug. she does it twice as much when she's sleepy. i can't get enough of it!
here we are on mother's day, she's laying her little head down!!


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Lori Ann said...

as for flying with babies/toddlers...just take it in doesn't matter how prepared you are, they will either be happy or sad that day. in Sept. I took the little boys 4&2 back to Missouri. the 2 yo was horrible, even with his own seat and having flown numerous times, so I smiled and took it in stride. Comng home he got the flyer of the year award, people commenting on his GOOD behavior so who knows. Have fun on your trip.
Just remember, it really does go by fast and I hate hearing this. BUt, it's true. LOL