Friday, January 26, 2007


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i morphed into an m&m!
you can too!


Sara Edelson said...

This is super fun and a great way to procrastinate. By the way are you watching The One that I want? If I was still writing the TV Blog there would be TONS of commentary on it!

Breanna said...

sara- i'm so glad to "see" you again! i was getting worried!

i am watching TOTIW....i thought i'd hate it at first, but went ahead and watched since i was waiting around for american idol to start...then i got sucked in. plus, it doesn't really conflict with anything else i watch.

Sara Edelson said...

I gave up my corporate life, went back to school, got my master's and am now a NYC School Teacher which keeps me super busy. I have to watch TV in big blocks to catch up b/c I'm unwilling to give up the TV despite the busy schedule. You blog is great and I definately keep checking in.

Top Regular Shows Right Now

Grey's (obviously)
Friday Night Lights
Lost (but annoying hiatus)
My Name is Earl

Top Love it Like a Train Wreck Shows

TOTIW (although I wished they sung grease songs the whole time)
The Challenge

Sort of into Idol but really don't get into it until auditions are done. Can't WAIT for Amazing Race Celebrity Edition. Of course watching a ton of other stuff too, but those are the top. And of course still the only person in the world watching ER.