Sunday, November 19, 2006

breanna and the curse of the auto mall.

i needn't remind you of what happened when the mister and i went to buy our new car a few months back, right? the curse continues....

it all starts last saturday night. i was on my way home from newberg at about 10:30pm. oh...before we go any further, you should know that i've been back to driving that old truck i've had since i was 16...the mister decided that if i wanted the next new car, which i do, he should get to have the current new car. fair enough.

so i'm in the truck coming back from newberg. and the thing just stops working. seriously. it's completely dark, i'm alone and starving (as i hadn't eaten since about 7am) and exhausted from an incredibly long day. so i did what anyone would do. i cried like a baby. a few hours later, when someone was finally able to find me and pick me up (at least i had cell phone service) i was still crying.
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so, sunday we headed out to the same dealership where we got the car. other than THE INCIDENT last time, this dealership was pretty great and we've enjoyed the car quite a bit. so it made sense that, since i've wanted a honda CR-V for like about 7 years now, we'd head back over. with the mister completing the test drive of course.

it's super dark and raining like crazy. we get to the dealership and everything actually goes wonderfully. we didn't crash into anything!! the only downside? the color i want isn't available until february. which sucks because february isn't an option for me. i need a car TODAY. so i sacrifice my dreams of a red cr-v, and settle for boring old silver. the other bummer? it was "in transit" so it wouldn't arrive for about a week (and i'd like to jump ahead and complain that i STILL don't have it even today! grrr)

so we head into the office to sign allllll the paperwork and hand over a lot of our money, when an employee runs in and says "do you guys own the grey '06 civic?" and we say "yes" and he says "someone just hit it in the parking lot and tried to take off."

at which point i erupted into tears again. for like, the forteenth time in 24 hours.
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i am SO done with the auto mall. i clearly have pissed off the honda civic powers that be, seeing as how one is brutally attacked everytime i'm there.

so now...just sitting waiting wishing my new car would get delivered already!
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emilykaypeters said...

I hate when bad things just keep happening... but, at least you have the ability to buy a new car and you will be receiving it soon. I hope that no more bad luck comes your way...

rebecca marie said...

do you have it yet???