Monday, November 27, 2006

breanna and the curse of the auto mall PART 2

it's been two weeks since i bought the delightful CR-V. and i'm sure you're dying to know how luxurious it feels.

so am i.

that's right, i still don't have it. the curse continues.

as it turns out, the CR-V is made in japan. when a shipment of over 100 arrived into the port of portland, it was filled with heroin.
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yep. my CR-V is packed with drugs. some might consider that a bonus...more bang for my buck.

unfortunately, the authorities are detaining the entire shipment for WHO KNOWS HOW LONG to ensure that no heroin is hidden anywhere. imagine my surprise upon reclining the seat and discovering an eight ball. or whatever the street term is for heroin.

when i first heard about this, i was told it was meth. which made no sense to me. i thought meth was strictly a north portland thing? i was really confused. then yesterday i got the update that it's actually heroin. much classier if you ask me. meth should be shipped in mini vans. heroin in CR-V's and cocaine in mercedes. if i were in charge that's how i'd do it.

so the wait continues. we finally demanded that the dealership give us a "loaner" car (thanks rebecca marie for the suggestion). when we went to pick it up yesterday, they didn't have one. so they put my mister in a brand new honda accura complete with sunroof and heated leather seats. lucky him. but there's no way i was going to drive it. not with my curse still in full effect. i figured, hey, i've been driving this civic for quite awhile and haven't done anything to it, why risk it?

so that's the update. because i know you're all just holding your breath. well, the two of you who have read my blog in the last two weeks :)
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Jason Hill said...

There's only 2 of us who read your blog?

Anonymous said...

Apparently I don't count or something . . .

Dude, heroin? That's just too awesome for words. You couldn't make up a better story.

Breanna said...

see...two of you :)

nahhh. i'm just having a pity party day. ignore it. it'll go away on it's own!

heroin indeed. my favorite part? i had to spell check heroin cause i just wasn't sure if i had it right!

Just me said...

I'm glad to know you don't know how to spell heroin. Just think you have a great story to tell for awhile.

Am I one of the "two"?!